Every motorcyclist knows that a good and sturdy helmet can make a lot of differences when you're riding. MHR helmet is one of Malaysia's most recognized brands for helmets and they promise to provide consumers with high-quality products that will keep you comfortable and safe.

What is the Origin of MHR? | What Types of Helmets does MHR Offers? | What are the Features of MHR Helmets?


MHR Helmet - Quality Helmets Made for Your Safety and Comfort

What is the Origin of MHR?

MHR is a local motorcycle helmet brand under the MHR Helmets Safety Technology Malaysia company. The manufacturer factory for the brand is located near Sungai Bakap, Penang. The brand is well known in Malaysia and is commonly used by local motorists. The brand has also been known to sponsor professional riders for motorsports competitions. The brand also produces other motorcycling accessories and apparel.

The brand is known for its sleek designs and comfortable interior. The brand promises that its helmets are high-quality, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. Each helmet from the brand undergoes strict quality control and performance test during the production process to ensure quality and durability of the helmets.

What Types of Helmets does MHR Offers?

MHR manufactures many types of helmets for different types of riding and they come in a variety of sizes, styles, weight, and colors. The helmets come in a variety of models including full-face helmets, open face helmets, and motocross or off-road helmets. The brand also made helmets that are specifically made for experienced riders in high-speed and long races.

Asides from the many stylish designs available for purchase, the brand has also released limited special edition helmet designs for celebrations and special occasions such as brand collaboration and National Day.

What are the Features of MHR Helmets?

The brand assures that all their helmets are made to be comfortable and safe and to produce high-quality helmets, the brand utilizes several technological features onto the different parts of the headgear. Some of the features of the helmet include a full circumference EPS foam liner, a shell made with hard ABS plastic, an interior made with CoolMax anti-bacterial fabric, multi-ventilation systems, and an anti-UV visor shield.