Absorbent, Airy and Soft — you’ll get them all with Merries diapers. Yes, all the three core functions of a diaper and more are offered by Merries in their diaper products. The best-selling diaper brand in Japan, parents now can also provide the best for your children. Look at Merriers Diaper offerings below and learn more here.


Top Merries Pants Price List 2021

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MERRIES Baby Pants Xl 38's RM 68.50 Watsons
MERRIES Baby Pants L 44's RM 68.50 Watsons
MERRIES Baby Pants M 58's RM 68.50 Watsons
MERRIES Baby Pants Xxl 26's RM 68.50 Watsons
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MERRIES Baby Pants Xl 38's

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Smile more and get comfortable Merriers Diapers at iprice Malaysia

Merriers Diaper Singapore: Care for your child efficiently with Merriers Diapers

Your bundle of joy’s everyday needs will be in well taken care of with Merriers Diapers. Want to know more about the secret to Merries' Superb Absorbency? Read on.

Merriers Diapers are designed to absorb large quantities of pee because of its super absorbent core. Made up of a powder-like substance that can absorb more than 50 times its own weight of pee in an instant, Merriers absorbent core has the ability to solidify the liquid into a gel-like texture. Amazing thing is that the gel does not leak, even if external pressure is applied. The cotton pulp is kept well intact with a non-woven surface that will also not cause discomfort to your baby’s butt cheeks.

And since babies in their early 4 months of age leave their lovely residues behind more frequently (they pee about 10-20 times/day and poop about 10 times/day), Merries Diapers will help you keep them well-packaged and make it easier for you to clean after them later.

*Babies each have their own unique pee and poo habits, so it is important to keep track of their differences

Merriers Diaper Singapore: Merriers Diapers product range

Smile comes to all mums and dads whose babies feel comfortable and happy! Always gentle to the babies’ skin, Merries diapers provide all babies the utmost comfort they truly deserve. Here are Merriers’ Diaper range:

Merries Tape Diaper: With its superb absorbency, exceptional breathability and ultra-softness, Merries Tape diapers provide the dryness and comfort that every baby’s delicate skin needs! Its unique skin-friendly wavy top sheet allows air to flow freely between the diaper and the skin so it does not stick to the baby's skin!

Available in sizes like: Newborn / S / M / L / XL

Merries Walker Pants: Soft around the waist and comfortable around the thighs! Merries Walker Pants also has superb absorbency and exceptional breathability. Additionally, these diapers are super easy to use and a great option for parents who are always in a rush! Just put your hands through the bottom of Merries Walker Pants diaper and gently ease your baby’s kegs into the openings, these pants are a joy to wear.

Available in sizes like: M / L / XL

*To ensure a perfect fit, lift the waistline of the pants diaper above the naval of your baby. Check the fit around the elastic waistband and make sure that the flaps along the thighs are not folded inwards.

**Another tip for baby boys, do keep his little friend pointed downwards and positioned in between the gathers to avoid leakage and pee spraying all over.

Merriers Diaper Singapore: Diaper size selection guide

The image below is a general guideline on how to pick out a suitable Merries Diaper for your little one.

Your baby grows up real fast, so if you observe any of the following, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a larger diaper.

  • When your baby's weight exceeds the indicated range in the diaper size selection guide
  • When the diaper rise shortens and the waist line goes below the navel
  • When the diaper feels tight around the waist and thighs, or leaves marks on the skin
  • When you are using the edge of the tape to hold the diaper in place
  • When there is an increase in the quantity of your baby's pee and poo, resulting in leakage

And if the following is found, it is also time to switch from tape diapers to pants diapers.

  • When your toddler starts moving around actively
  • When changing diapers becomes a challenge
  • When your baby is about to start crawling

Caring for toddlers can be very challenging but with Merries Diapers, this tasks may not seem like a very hard obstacle. Get extra help with Merriers Diapers at iprice Malaysia and shop for sturdy Strollers & Carriers, useful Baby Products and educational Toys for your children.