You can tell a lot about a person based on what car they drive. You can even tell their smell and cosmetics products used. Here are some characteristics of Mercedes owners along with a few other luxury car owners.


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Identify Someone's Character by Car with Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is the ideal car brand of most people in Malaysia. Design-wise, the Mercedes is not as flashy as other sports car brands but is elegant, luxurious and classy in its looks. Someone who rides a Mercedes-Benz is a gentleman (for men) and lady-like (for women), both from their personality and character. The German car brand was produced by Daimler AG company and was the first gasoline-fuelled car brand to be created. It’s no wonder why Mercedes-Benz is known by almost everyone in the world and of all ages.

The Mercedes Driver

The owner of a Mercedes-Benz is a meticulous person who loves everything that spells luxury. They are not the kind of people who like to speed on the road, but ravel in the comfort, convenience and spacious environment offered by their cars. A Mercedes-Benz driver has many options and conveniences such as the relationship between his smartphone and car app. Someone who drives a Mercedes-Benz is not too concerned with performance, he loves to drive in a calm manner and does not challenge other vehicles in his surroundings. If other cars cut off the Mercedes-Benz driver's path, the Mercedes-Benz driver will immediately keep the distance and return the driving focus (theoretically).

BMW Driver

Contrary to the Mercedes-Benz owners, BMW owners are the ones who like speeding and somewhat abuse their cars. In addition, they enjoy driving but often get carried away. Owners of BMW cars like to drive a little faster than the speed limit. They did not choose BMW to show off, but because they have a passion to drive it. Oh yes, BMW drivers are not happy if other cars cut their tracks, it would be rewarded with a quick overtaking manoeuvre!

Porsche Driver

Porsche drivers have a huge personality about them. Porsche drivers are usually functional and successful people. In addition, they are people who like to fiddle with their own cars and like a variety of DIY projects. Porsche car owners love the combination of luxury, sportsmanship and the look of a sexy Porsche. They are also happy when someone stares at their car with admiration. Porsche drivers love their fast cars and are generally racing hobbyists. Challenge a Porsche driver in his element and you’re in for a ride!

Ferrari Driver

People who drive Ferraris are the type of people who love fun while enjoying a bit of showing off. The Ferrari driver believes he has more than just a car. Ferrari drivers do not need to talk much to show that they are successful people. Instead, all they need to prove is evident in the cars they drive. Ferrari owners love the beauty and exotic luxury of their car. They work hard and want to show the world that they are the elite.

Aston Martin Driver

You know Aston Martin cars from the James Bond films. This brand of cars are driven by James Bond wanabes. It’s no surprise then that the appeal is high the car itself is so rare. Aston Martin owners generally come from the upper elite class men and women. They enjoy everything that is best and first class. Luxury is part and parcel of their life. Aston Martin drivers do not need to tout the world since they are the elite – proven from their character and personality.

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