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Menow CC 6 Colors Highlighter Pen Concealer Moisturizing mild not to stimulate
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Feature: 100% brand new and high quality. Repair capacity moisturizing concealer Net weight: 18 g Color: Pink、Light Green、Yellow、Beige、Light Orange、Light blue Usage: Acne: Just treat acne emerge, first with concealer pen tap, then even open with your fingers. Be careful not to be too heavy. Inflamed acne, choose greenish tone concealer product most effective. If the acne long position in painted blush, finger dipped in blush mixed with the right amount of concealer, then gently applied on acne, so Concealer effect will be more natural. Taboo: painted on being inflamed or purulent acne concealer, cover not only bad effect, and it is vulnerable to bacteria. Freckles: If only a few freckles, you can After the foundation, the dipped a little concealer, pressed to light the way, let the concealer is completely attached to the defect. Only a little. If a larger number of freckles on the foundation applied before the appropriate modified milk have freckles effect. Generally, fair-skinned man with a white modified milk can make skin more bright, clean; yellow color is not enough for people to use symmetry; purple is suitable for dull, yellowish skin people can make healthy skin showing bright side . Foundation should choose between freckles and skin color between the same time, not only wants to cover the painted part, but the whole face painted. Foundation products, vermicelli better than Creme hiding. Taboo: Choose brighter than skin color foundation will make freckles more apparent. Dark Circles: Selection bias orange tone concealer, concealer point black eye position, and then to the surrounding ring finger gently concealer evenly. Do not forget the inside corner and the outside corner of the eye, because the two sites are where the most serious black eye, but also the most easily overlooked place. Sweep with a little glitter eye shadow, it can enhance the brightness of the eye, but it must not be too much, otherwise it will make the eyes look puffy. One can also choose a lighter color than the color, but the texture must be thin, high moisture content, and easy to open. Eye Bags: Swelling area with light concealer, in a dark concealer cream uplift cast parts, which can uplift and sunken fuzzy boundaries. However, the two colors must be together very naturally, will cover the effects so without a trace. You can use a fine brush, first dipped into the amount of concealer in thin bags under the shadow of the site to draw a line, and then tap the finger belly evenly. This amount can be controlled to avoid too heavy. If the skin is dry eye, concealer can be mixed with conventional liquid foundation, increasing moisturizing and ductility. Also note that bags should be coordinated with the color portion and the entire face complexion. Package Include: 6X Concealer Pencil #beauty #skinCare #contour #cream #Moisturizing #Anti-Aging #free #shipping #concealer #Face #makeup #stick #eye#maybellinemalaysia #maybelline #makeithappen #makeup #facemakeup

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Menow Face Makeup Malaysia

If you buy Menow Face, you can get 80% off from its original price! Among the most popular Menow Face models today are M.N Professional Makeup 4 Color Foundation, Soothing Firming Foundation and MN Liquid Foundation. If you are not sure whether to purchase Menow Face, you might want to check out these products from Bioaqua, Clinique and louis will. iPrice Malaysia offers Menow Face for as low as RM 9.00 up to as much as RM 60.00.  You can find several types of Menow Face online: Face Foundations, Concealers and Contours choose the one that suits your needs. For colors, Beige are amongst the popular shades when it comes to Menow Face.