A confectionery and pharmaceutical company that manufactures a wide range of products including collagen beauty supplements, chocolate, snacks and dairy products, Meiji strives to make life lively every day. Learn more about Meiji here and look at the amazing product line-up below.

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About Meiji Malaysia

Meiji based in Japan, focuses its efforts in enriching the lives of people of all ages and from all walks of life with tasty, healthy and beneficial products. Although its core business involves food — marketed under the Meiji name — Meiji also manufactures products like dairy items and confectioneries, functional foods, nutritional products and baby formulas. The Meiji Group also makes antibiotics, antidepressants, agrochemicals and veterinary drugs under its specialty and generic pharmaceuticals firm Meiji Seika Pharma.

With an established Research & Development team, Meiji makes products that will cater to the evolving customer tastes and with the highest quality raw materials that also comply to a diverse range of societal requirements and environmental needs. A trustworthy brand built on upholding a sterling reputation over the years since its formation in 1917, Meiji products reputation is of consistent quality.

Meiji ultimate mission is to expand the world of “Tastiness and Enjoyment” and also fulfil all “Health and Reassurance” expectations. So, consumers of Meiji products can be rest assured.

Meiji Amino Collagen — the secret to youthful looking skin

Did you know the amount of collagen in the body starts to decline dramatically after 20? Other factors like ultraviolet rays and stress that we expose ourselves to everyday also accelerate collagen loss in our body. So, how to replenish these lost collagen? Start consuming collagen supplements and care for your beauty now. The earlier, the better.

Collagen is a protein that everybody is born with that maintains the elasticity, suppleness and health of skin tissues. It gives you a more youthful appearance and healthily plump features. Collagen levels is high in babies, so youthful and adorable. Wouldn’t you want their youthfulness?

That’s how Meiji Amino Collagen supplement can help in attaining those lost collagens. The recommended daily dose of collagen is 5000mg a day.

Meiji Amino Collagen comes in different formulations that cater to certain functional abilities. For example, the regular version focuses more on collagen whereas the premium has added hyaluronic acid benefits for deep skin hydrating penetration. All Meiji collagen powders come with 100% FISH collagen that has been broken down into small peptides to be able to be readily absorbed into the skin and body better.

Meiji Malaysia claims that their formulation for fish collagen peptides is much more readily absorbed by the body 1.5 times faster than other collagen types. Amino Collagen by Meiji launched in 2002, contains ingredients vital to healthy, vibrant skin such as hydrolyzed fish collagen, glucosamine, arginine and vitamin C. You might worry about the fishy smell and aftertaste, Meiji has formulated its products by virtually eliminating the odour and taste. So, consumers can consume these Amino Collagen powder by added it to beverages and food, making it easily consumable on a regular basis. It is the number 1 collagen beauty drink in the Japan market share!

14.4% to be exact, Meiji Amino Collagen claims that with 7g per day, you can restore soft, supple and natural beauty in no time. Since it is very easily to ingest by adding them to any of your favourites beverages hot or cold, consumer can also add the collagen into dishes like pancake mix, porridge, oatmeal with fruits and etc. whichever way you would like to eat it.

Top Meiji Malaysia products that you must try out

These are the top Meiji Amino Collagen products that you must try to attain youthful skin!

Amino Collagen

One spoonful (about 7 g) of powder has 5,000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen, 450 mg of arginine amino acid (a beauty factor), 60 mg of glucosamine, and 50 mg of vitamin C. A neutral flavour and fast-dissolving powder formula that can be mixed with any foods and drinks. This is the top selling collagen beauty drink in Japan!

Amino Collagen Premium

For those who want evolving beauty, this powder form collagen has 5,000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen. A daily dose contains 1,200 µg of ceramide (a notable beauty ingredient), 20 mg of hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (a source of vitality, beauty and youthfulness). Each dose of powder also contains 450 mg of arginine, an amino acid (containing an Amino Collagen building block); 60 mg of glucosamine; and 50 mg of vitamin C. Amino Collagen is easy-to-drink as the powder is fast-dissolving, try it daily with your favourite foods and drinks to give your skin a refined glow.

Amino Collagen Profec

This product combines the leading collagen and its beautifying effects with beneficial Profec, created via proprietary Meiji technologies. Profec is a milk whey fermented with propionic acid that can increase lactobacillus bifidus, a key probiotic that helps generate healthy and beauty from within. Taken daily, it generates a sense of inner refreshment and helps keep you beautifully moisturized.

Let your beauty shine from within with Meiji Amino Collagen today and experience the wonderful beauty of fish collagen. If powdered form collagen by Meiji Malaysia does not fancy you, look for various forms of collagen supplements at iprice today!