In the middle of an outbreak or an illness, wearing a mask is extremely beneficial in preventing infection. There are so many types of medical masks in Malaysia, each with its own advantages. From regular surgical masks to the N95 with strong filtering power, find out which medical masks in Malaysia suit your needs below.


Your Guide to Choosing the Right Medical Mask in Malaysia

Surgical Mask

Commonly used by medical professionals, a surgical mask is a highly useful tool when trying to limit infection of diseases. These masks are usually placed both on the infected patients to prevent spread as well as on the medical officers or caretakers that are treating them. Surgical face masks are usually made with three layers of fabric, with three pleats that let the wearer expand the mask to fit their faces more snugly.

When using a surgical mask, make sure that you carefully dispose of it after each use. Throw away your mask by touching only the ear straps and wash your hands thoroughly after disposal. It's also not advisable to reuse your surgical mask as you will be breathing in contaminated particles found on the used mask.

Although this type of mask is widely used due to its affordable price, surgical masks are only effective when trying to prevent the inhalation of large particles. This includes large drops of blood and body fluids such as phlegm, saliva, and more. For protection against smaller particles, using respirators will be much more effective.


For protection against smaller particles, using respirators will be much more effective. This type of medical face mask in Malaysia is extremely beneficial for those treating patients with highly-contagious illnesses like the Covid-19, H1N1, and more. There are two categories of respirators available in the market today: air-purifying respirators (APRs) and supplied-air respirators (SARs).

APRs have built-in filters to remove small particles such as dust, fumes, and other types of air pollution. Some APRs also include an absorbent filter placed in a canister on the front of the masks and it helps absorb vapours and gases.

The most common air-purifying respirator in Malaysia is the N95 mask. It is named so due to the rating it was given by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). N stands for "Not resistant to oil" while 95 refers to its efficiency percentage (able to filter out 95% of airborne particles). They are also the most accessible in terms of price and availability to the general public. Other types of air-purifying respirators include chemical cartridge respirators, gas masks, and powered APRs.

On the other hand, SARs are considerably more advanced than APRs. Also called self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), these masks come with an air tank to supply the wearer with an additional breathable air source. SARs are usually worn by rescue workers in a setting where immediate inhalation of the air is immensely dangerous. Due to its design and extra components, these masks are high in price and available only to specific sectors.

Which brand of face mask is the best?

The 3M N95 face mask is one of the best masks you can find in the market in Malaysia today. It is a medical-grade face mask made with sturdy materials and respirators that can filter small particles that might be carrying viruses and bacteria. If you’d like to opt for a washable face mask, look for an antibacterial product that can filter the air as well as prevent breakouts. Mysafex Antibacterial Nano Face Mask is a good option for a washable mask with these qualities.

Where to Buy Surgical Mask in Malaysia

Surgical face mask Malaysia, as well as respirators, can be easily found in many pharmacies across the country. In a time where there is a shortage, you can also opt to purchase your medical masks online through trusted merchants like Shopee, PGMall, Lazada, and Youbeli.

What is the price for a surgical mask in Malaysia?

Surgical Mask Malaysia Price List




Dettol K N95 Air Protect Mask



3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator



50pcs 3-Ply Hypoallergenic Disposable Surgical Mask



3M 1860 N95 Particulate Respirator



20pcs 3-Ply PM2.5 Disposable Surgical Mask