Safety precautions are imperative for keeping our loved ones safe from harm and injuries. What are some of the details we have to look out for when taking care of the elderly?


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How to Care for the Elderly in Your Own Home

Filial piety is an important ethical value heavily ingrained in our Asian society. Our primary duty as children is to take good care of our parents and elder ones. We always hope for the best in our parents’ overall well-being as they age, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

However, with our fast-paced lifestyle, our job occupies a major part of the daily routine that we don’t get to be fully present or always prepared for our elderly’s needs all the time. Therefore safety precautions are imperative for keeping our loved ones safe from harm and injuries.

There are several physical support equipment or items that can aid in your elderly’s activities of daily living (ADL) effectively. Some daily activities to take into consideration include functional mobility, taking a bath or shower, toilet hygiene, and feeding. Here we classify common daily activities into two categories, conveniently named B&B (Bed and Bath), with elderly care products that can be of great assistance to your loved one’s ADL.


Older seniors tend to lose strength in their muscles or have bad aches in their bones. On days when they are confined to their bed with restricted movements, they will need an adjustable bed rest that allows them to sit up in bed comfortably. This allows you to adjust from a low lying angle to an upright sitting position that can help maintain our loved ones’ postures according to their activity on the bed like reading, taking medicines or having a meal.

Many older people who have severe illnesses might be suffering from incontinence. This issue is handled either by using adult diapers or an underpad. Although adult diapers are convenient and disposable, they aren’t providing as much comfort as underpads do during sleep. When choosing an underpad - disposable or not, go for the one with absorbent material and take note of the sizes that fit different surface areas, like wheelchairs, mattresses, sofas, car seats, or other types of furniture.


Recent statistics show that over a third of seniors over the age of 65 slip and fall yearly, and 80% of them occur in the bathroom. To prevent this from happening to our loved ones, install a grab rail and place a non-slip rubber mat. Keep the lights bright and clear away any objects that obstruct moving space.

For the frail elderly with mobility impairment, it will be tough for them to take a shower all by themselves without some support. An adjustable bath stool or shower chair will make showering more convenient. Bath stools or shower chairs are usually built with sturdy materials to ensure a secure and safe bathing/showering experience. Besides, some shower chairs with back support provide comfort for those with backache or weak back muscles.

If your financial condition allows, you may also consider hiring an in-home caretaker or sending your elder one to a nursing home for proper care procedures from the experienced nursing staff.