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Shop: ReanneQ Solutions [BUNDLED] Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor AND Blood Glucose Monitor SET
RM 83.50

Brief introduction of the Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Tranditional Blood Pressure monitors are very big, bulky, and it is nearly impossible to use them without assistance. While our digital arm blood pressure monitor are very convenient with sample steps. Using the velcro straps to wrap your wrist and push the blue button in the blood pressure Monitor. In less than one minute,the Digtital LCD display will show your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and your pulse rate clearly. The display is very large and clear for easy reading Advantages introduction of the digtal arm blood pressure monitor:- 1. The digital arm blood pressure monitor has big LCD screen 2. The digital arm blood pressure monitor can measure automatically, reading accurately and quickly 3. The digital arm blood pressure monitor has memory function of 90 groups 4. The digital arm blood pressure monitor is operated by battery, economical and convenient 5. The digital arm blood could be used on daily self-examination, very convenient. Sannuo GA-3 Blood Glucose Monitor And FREE 50 Test Strips + Lancets Specifications: Blood sample: fresh peripheral whole blood, venous whole blood Calibration sample: venous plasma Test range: 1.1-33.3mmol/L Test time: 10sBlood volume: 0.6μl HCT: 30-60% Expiry date: 24 months Memory: 200 test results Battery type: 2*AAA battery (INCLUDED IN PACKAGE) #BloodGlucose #BloodDetectionGlucosemeter #sugar #blood #monitor #portable #teststrip #lancets #glucosemeter #Diabetic #fat #localshipping #readystock #sannuo #bloodpressuremonitor #heartbeatmonitor #voice #bloodpressure #arm #homeappliance #home #monitor #digital #home #DIY #battery #usbcable #microusb #greenmax #readystock #bestchoice #heartbeat #lcd

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Shop: Good Nurse Yizhun Blood Glucose Monitor with 100pcs Test Strips and 100pcs Test Lancets
RM 82.00 RM 117.20

NOTE:Batteries are forbidden in shipping,so we won't send batteries. Product Information: Brand Name:SANNUO Product Name:SANNUO YIZHUN GA-3 BLOOD GLUCOSE METER Model No.:GA-3 Material:Plastic Host Size:85cm25cm Net Weight:0.2kg Gross weight:0.6kg Sample:fresh capillary whole blood Battery:2 AAA batteries Calibration:Automatic Testing Time:5.8 seconds Memory:250 results Operating temperature:10 degrees to 35 degrees Payment:T/T, Western Union and others. Unit conversion formula: Conversion method between mmol/L and mg:The blood glucose concentration usually has two methods: one is the mmol / L, the other is the mg / dl. The two glucose concentration units can be converted to each other, the conversion coefficient is 18. Converted from mmol/L to mg is the former(mmol/L) multiply 18; conversely by mg to mmol/l is former(mg) divided by 18. Specification: 1. Principle: Amperometric, Glucose oxidase 2. Measuring Range&Unit: 1.1-33.3mmol/L (20-600mg/dL)& the unit for this machine is mmol/L 3. Measuring Time: 10seconds 4. Accuracy: About 15% to 20% deviation (All the blood glucose meters will have an error. If you really want to know the exactly the numerical value of error you can do the comparison with hospital's venous biochemical. Don't make a contrast between the two blood glucose meters. There is no absolutely correct, only relatively correct with the international standard. Some of improper operations during the measurement will also affect the accuracy of the results) 5. Fast Reading 6. Small blood sample: 1um 7. 250 set Memory(average value of 7days/14days/28days/2months/3months) 8. Bio-Sensor Technology capable to draw blood sample itself from the finger tip. 9. Power: 2 AAA batteries (The batteries are not included in the package) -Humidity: 20-80% RH -Auto Power off: After 2 minutes without action. In addition, the first blood you've collected from finger can not be used as test sample. Because it was mixed up with the body fluid which may lead to inaccurate measurement. So please squeezing blood continuously after wiping out the first blood with a piece of sterilized cotton. Package Inclues: 1* GA-3 Blood Glucose Meter 1* Box of Test strips(100 pieces) 1* Box of Lancets(100 pieces) 1 Carrying Case

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Blood Glucose Monitors Malaysia

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