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If you are itching for a backpack that oozes style and just a bit too much of flash, then MCM Backpacks are your choice-made-certain. Have your pick at the ostentatious and flashy collection that we have below. You can also read more about how flashy the bags really are by clicking here.

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MCM Backpacks Malaysia: Be Flashy, Be Seen, Be MCM

MCM Backpacks Malaysia: Taking Flashy to a Whole New Brightness

Hailing from Germany, the MCM brand is widely and famously known to be a brand that lavishes its users with products in ostentatious and flashy manner. While some of us focus more on functionality rather than style, MCM Backpacks thrive on both. If you are going to carry all your valuables in a backpack, why not make everyone else see and think that even the backpack is a valuable?

MCM Backpacks would catch anyone's attention. Be it from the extravagant designs or the attractive leather or even the exclusive detailing that comes with it, you will surely turn heads as you turn around in a MCM backpack. An article written on says that MCM Backpacks have been popping up like an epidemic. Though that might sound a bit off in ways, you have got to admit that the popularity of these backpacks is second-to-none.

As such, enough with the obvious compliments of the brand itself and let's dive straight into what the backpacks are really about below.

A Little Ding, A Little Flash, All MCM Backpacks

All of MCM products strive in printed canvas. Though, noticeably, the most recognizable characteristic of MCM Backpacks (or any of its products) is the MCM logo. The logo itself has dominantly become the symbol of class and luxury.

Considered to be the new "It" bag collection, the most noticeable ones are golden brown, cobalt blue, or fondant fancy pink in color, adorned with metal rivets or covered with menacing-looking spikes, coming is cross-body, bucket-shaped, or thick-strapped, a laurel, and a diamond, and of course the MCM logo.

Another site called the claimed that MCM, especially the handbags and backpacks came to scene at the hands of the right celebrities namely Beyonce, Rihanna, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The backpacks and handbags cross the boundaries of streetwear and high-end fashion that makes the user look luxurious but kitsch. However, in these modern times, fashion is all about sticking out from the normal lot. So, a little kitsch won't hurt anyone.

Now let's take a look at a bag to give you an overview of what MCM Backpacks can offer you. We're going to briefly go through what MCM's Stark Backpack is all about and by the end, we assure you that you'd be persuaded in actually purchasing one for yourself.

MCM Stark Backpack
Considered a favorite amongst Korean celebrities like Rain, EXO, and BEAST, this particular backpack is more famously used by Easterners as compared to Westerners. Here is a list of what makes this particular backpack a chose favorite amongst youngsters:
Comes in 4 different sizes; mini, small, medium, large
Customizable decorations; studs (amount, arrangement), zippers (arrangement), etc..
Comes is white, pink, black, cognac, blue
Versatility; can be used to carry anything, and by anyone

There is actually a lot more that we can touch about how this particular backpack (or any of MCM's backpacks) fits your needs whilst giving you a sense of high-class style, but we are not going to spoil you further.

We Don't Mind a Little Bling in on Our Backs Since MCM Backpacks Got Our Back

As the aforementioned statement of class and luxury, if you're dying to own a backpack that is both full of functionalities whilst being on the top of style, then MCM Backpacks are your best bet. Scroll back up to the product listing above and have your pick at any of the backpacks. And also enjoy great discounts and offers from us here iprice.

Happy Shopping!