Truly beautiful and lovely, MCM bags are timeless luxury that stands the test of time. Pair any outfit with MCM bags in Malaysia and learn more about the product below!


Features of MCM bags in Malaysia

If you haven’t already heard, the rivet-covered MCM bags are a new breed of bags that has emerged from a brand with a history of more than 40 years. The bags come in a variety of colours such as golden brown, cobalt blue or fondant fancy pink. No matter if its cross-body, bucket-shaped or a thick-strapped backpack, it is likely to be covered with repetitive logo which features a laurel, a diamond, and MCM letters. Read on to learn about the features of the bag.

Made with materials of the highest quality

MCM selectively chooses the finest leather of the highest quality as they proudly proclaim they use only the best for their bags. The MCM bags exhibit the distinctive class of their own and such degree of class cannot be matched by any other rival brands especially when it comes to defining the meaning of luxury. The brand achieves this dominance through seeking and building bags without compromising fun, function and style. Owing its heritage to excellent German craftsmanship that was passed down through the generations, MCM can be said to be a master of meticulous designs. For those that are looking for the essence of luxury and striving for the perfection, MCM bags offer you a taste of value that cannot simply be measured.

Sophisticated, sleek and subtle

Cultivated aficionados of the brand will appreciate the significance and subtleness of MCM bag designs. Behind every design, it is rich with meanings and stories. As for those who have an eye for details can definitely spot the difference between the older and newer bags as the later versions often incorporate radical and unexpected styles that blend well with their designs. It is lavishly engraved with creative artistry; the bags are really suited for non-conformist connoisseurs with the love of unconventional yet sophisticated designs.

Popular MCM bags

Well-known for their sophisticated style and taste, making them easily one of the most popular bags in the world especially in the area of luxury bags. These bags redefine the meaning and essence of modern living as their designs are not out of touch with the changing times but rather embody the lasting and irrevocably classic designs. Another signature design that defines the MCM bag is the studs. Studs, if done poorly, will destroy the outlook and style of a bag because they make the bag looks like being punctured! On the other hand, the superb and precise workmanship of the MCM artisans ensure that studs on MCM bags are meticulously crafted with intricate details. In addition, MCM bags are prized as they emphasised both form and function in their designs. Some of the popular bags are MCM Tantris, MCM Diamente, MCM Claus, and MCM Color Visetos.

Other than the ever-popular backpack, you can check out their wallets, sling bags as well as briefcases.