Nothing gets your blood pumping and energy rising better than a game of badminton, whether you're playing professionally, for recreation or exercise. Bring out your best in every game with Maxx Malaysia and their exciting line of shirts, rackets, and accessories! Check out their products below or read more about tips on how to prepare the perfect badminton attire for a game.


Maxx Malaysia - A Complete Guide on Badminton Attire

Badminton is a popular sport in Malaysia. Not only is it a great hobby and a form of exercise, it also tests an athlete's stamina and agility. It is also easy to play and can be picked up easily, even for beginners. Either singles or doubles, playing badminton is a great experience and is a sport that everyone should try out.

Just like with any type of sport, badminton players are encouraged to put on an attire for a game. Picking the right shirt, shoes, or gloves can affect a player's performance in many ways. For example, if your shoes are too tight or too loose, your feet could suffer from blisters or injury. In addition, your shorts or shirt could restrict movement while playing if you're wearing a size too small for your body. These are two of many examples why you need to pick the right badminton outfit.

To get you started, here is a quick guide on what type of garment or accessory you need for a game of badminton brought to you by Maxx Malaysia:

Badminton Shirts

Badminton is a sport and like with all sports, players need to have a freedom of movement when playing. There are several brands in Malaysia that offer shirts that are specially designed for playing badminton just like Maxx Malaysia. Though simple gym shirts are okay, if you plan to play professionally, then you should have your own set of badminton shirts.

Tips on how to choose a Badminton shirt

  • Choose a fabric that is breathable such as cotton to help you get rid of sweat.
  • When choosing a badminton shirt, always pick the right size for your body.
  • When choosing color and style, choosing a badminton shirt all boils down to preference.

Badminton Shorts/ Skirts

Badminton is like a whole-body workout. You would need to utilize every muscle of your body to dash, jump, spike, and keep up with your opponent. To do that, a set of specialized shorts or skirts are necessary to provide you with the freedom of movement you need. While most men and women wear shorts, badminton skirts are also available. These skirts or "skorts" have a pair of shorts underneath so you don't have to worry about flashing somebody.

Tips on How to Choose Badminton Shorts

  • Badminton shorts need to be the right fit: not too loose nor too tight. It should be the perfect size for your body.
  • Mid-level thighs are the recommended length when choosing badminton shorts. It's long enough for coverage and short enough for a greater range of movement.


Like your attire, your footwear also plays a crucial role in your performance. Not only does it protect your soles from friction, it also provides support and minimizes foot injuries. While regular gym shoes can be used, professional badminton players wear a specialized set of footwear that is solely made for playing badminton. Compared to running or walking shoes, badminton requires a great deal of lateral or side-to-side movement.

Tips for choosing badminton shoes

  • Always choose a shoe over comfort rather than style. Provide an extra toe room fo avoid your feet from getting too constricted inside.
  • Give your shoe stime to "season" or to expand. The more you use it, the better and more comfortable it will feel.
  • Make sure that you choose a footwear that meets all these three criterias:
    • Stability
    • Shock absorption
    • Moisture control

Badminton Racket

Like with any other sport, you can't play badminton without your racket. A racket is a type of bat with a round or oval frame that is strung with nylon which is commonly used in tennis or squash. What makes badminton rackets different from these two sports is the shape of the frame, size, and length. A badminton racket is round-oblong, and is smaller than a tennis racket but longer in length. There are three types of badminton rackets:

  • Head heavy balance racket - for long range smashes from the back of the court.
  • Head light balance racket - easy to manipulate and flexible shots.
  • Even balance racket - both the head heavy and head light combined together. Perfect for beginners because it is suitable for all types of shots.

Badminton is an amazing game that everybody can start doing regardless of your age or body type. It is the perfect whole body workout for those who want to be fit and is a great sport to teach team sports and camaraderie. Get into the game with Maxx Malaysia and complete your badminton attire with their selection of rackets, shirts, shoes, and so much more!