One of the biggest telecommunication companies in Malaysia, Maxis features a great selection of products and services. From broadband devices to mobile internet packages, you can trust Maxis provide you with the fastest speeds in the market today. Read more about why you should choose Maxis over other providers below.

Maxis Phones & Tablets

Why You Should Choose Maxis

In today’s day and age, connecting to the Internet is everything. From checking emails, connecting with friends, and even commerce, gaining access to the online world is a must. Whether through your laptop or mobile device, Maxis provides you with the fastest Internet through their broadband or mobile services. Here are reasons why you should switch to Maxis as your mobile Internet provider:

Zero Buffering

Having slow Internet is worse than having no Internet at all, but with Maxis, you will never have to experience that. Maxis lets you enjoy all your streaming services whether Youtube, iFlix or Netflix without buffering even if you stream in HD or 4k. If you’re a fan of watching K-dramas or catching up on the latest seasons of your favorite shows, don’t lose all your hair waiting for your shows to load, switch to Maxis.

Maxis For Business

Need Internet for your business? Maxis has you covered. Having one of the fastest Internet speeds in Malaysia, you will never fall short in Internet speeds even with the most demanding of tasks. Whether you’re a small startup or a huge company, faster Internet speeds means better productivity. Maxis provides a selection of services for different companies from factory-based, corporate or even online businesses. Maxis helps you with everything you need for a fast and stable Internet within your company.

The Widest 4G Network

Everyday, more and more people are using their smartphones to surf the web. With the growing demands for faster mobile Internet speeds, Maxis gives you the widest 4G Internet coverage with over 9 out of 10 Malaysians covered. You can now surf on your phone uninterrupted like you would when connected to a secure WiFi connection at home.

Number One in Quality Speeds for Home Fiber

Home is where the WiFi is, even with faster mobile Internet. If you’re looking for an Internet provider for your home, then Maxis has you covered. In a recent MCMC report, Maxis has some of the highest Internet speeds in five out of six regions in Malaysia. So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fastest Internet in your home.

50x Faster Speeds on LTE-A

Who doesn’t want fast Internet? But, the real question is who wants Internet that’s fifty times faster than regular connections? Thankfully, Maxis lets you experience the future with faster Internet services on LTE-A. Maxis brings you closer to the future.

Maxis features Malaysia’s first 4G+Fiber Internet that brings you nothing but faster Internet speeds. With Maxis, you can get more out of what you pay for whether prepaid or postpaid. Immerse yourself to a new world with one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Malaysia - Maxis.