Every girl will eventually start menstruating when they hit puberty; this is when they can choose between various types of hygiene products such as with Maxim Malaysia. Read below to learn more about the products.


Maxim Malaysia - What you should Know about Sanitary Pads, Liners, and Tampons

Dealing with your menstruation in a sanitary way is very important for every woman which is the reason why there are so many various brands of sanitary products in the market. It may take some time to find out which products best suit you as there are various factors such as lifestyles or how heavy your menstrual flow is. Here are a few things that you should know about sanitary pads, tampons, and liners.


Pads have an adhesive backing which sticks to the inside of your undies. They are designed to absorb blood and any discharge as it is thicker than a panty liner. There are a variety of pad thicknesses which are ultra-thin, regular and maxi. It is best to choose pads in accordance to how heavy your flow is, as you would want to prevent any mishaps from happening. However, there are girls with a lighter flow who like the gentle cushiony feel of the thicker pads. So, it really depends on an individual and their choices of pads. Materials that are commonly used to make them are cotton, plastic, flannel or hemp.


A tampon is a similar product to pads except that it is inserted in the opening of the vagina to absorb your menstrual flow and can be less messy. It is very common for first-timers to be nervous about wearing a tampon as it can be quite uncomfortable if you haven’t got the hang of inserting it properly. Tampons come in different sizes and absorbencies such as mini, regular, and super. The one benefit that wearing a pad does not have is that you can still go for a swim during that time of the month.


The best days to use liners are when your flow is lighter and there is lesser fluid. Generally, there are two types of liners, which are protection liners, where it is mainly used towards the end of your period and everyday liners that are used for discharge.

Advantages of pads

  • Prevent stained underwear - It's not impossible for your undies to get stained while wearing a pad, but the chances are slimmer in particularly if the pad is winged or covers more than half of your undies. However, be reminded that it does not hold true if you are moving around a lot.
  • Efficient usage - Many women do not bother going through the hassle of inserting a tampon as well as the uncomfortable process of removing it.
  • Safe to be used overnight - It is safer to use pads for a longer time and also the better option for sleeping. This is because; it is not a good idea to wear tampons for longer hours as it can be potentially infectious. Other than that, pads have a better absorbency that would prevent leakage during the night.

Disadvantages of pads

  • Lesser freedom for activities - Girls have to be cautious if they choose to wear pads during physical activity as it might shift especially if they move around a lot. Moreover, water activities are definitely a no-no during the time of the month if you choose to wear a pad.
  • Visible pad line - Although girls should not be ashamed of their periods, however, pads restrict us from wearing a certain type of clothing’s in particularly if it is tight fitting. Many women have heard of the term visible panty line, but visible pad line is nothing compared to that. This could possibly be a problem if you would not want people to know about you having your time of the month
  • Period underwear - Girls who wear pads can resonate with having to have two types of underwear – the cutesy underwear and the period panties. This is because; girls would probably have to skip the nice underwear and put on a pair of period underwear that they do not mind staining, in particularly if they would want a better coverage.

Advantages of tampons

  • No feeling of wetness - Those who easily get squeamish from blood will benefit the most from a tampon. This is because; they do not have to feel the sensation of constant wetness present in their underwear.
  • Freedom of movement - It is undeniable that using a tampon has a certain advantage over using a pad. You do not have to worry about doing any water-related activity during the time of the month as it prevents any leaking from happening. Moreover, wearing a tampon provides more freedom of movement.

Disadvantages of tampons

  • Toxic shock syndrome - Although it is rare to get toxic shock syndrome nowadays, but it still warrants consideration as tampons are easier to forget about and you might lose track of how long it has been in there.
  • Purchasing the wrong size - Tampons do not come in one-size-fits-all and figuring what works for your flow and comfort can be a frustrating experience.

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