With their large array of products available such as smart watches, action cameras and camera accessories, MAXGear is definitely an adventurer’s best buddy! To go to the edge, you need to have an edge. Check their products or read more about them below.


MAXGear – An Adventurer’s Best Friend

I am sure you have seen on your social media sites the awesome photos that some people have taken while doing extreme sports and action-filled activities, and have wondered how they managed to take those photos? Furthermore, some of these photos are taken from seemingly impossible angles, at such high-paced conditions, sometimes taken when they are in the midst of performing a stunt! All these are made possible thanks to some assistance from trustworthy high-tech action cameras and accessories used to take these incredible photos. Action cameras are high-speed cameras, capable of taking photos within fractions of a second. Hence, they are the go-to cameras for outdoor enthusiasts that want to be “caught in action”. Acknowledging this growing trend, MAXGear, a Malaysian-based company, has been providing Malaysians with high-quality action cameras and accessories. Let’s read on to find out more.

MAXGear – Pushing You to Higher Gear

With their wide range of products, MAXGear will definitely bring out the inner adventurer in you. Be it high-speed action cameras, accurate high-tech smart watches or innovative accessories that maximises the usability of your pre-existing devices, MAXGear will something for you for your next adventure. MAXGear’s products highly emphasize user-friendliness and convenience for their consumers; hence they are suitable to be used by seasoned veterans and also novices.

Since its establishment in 2012, MAXGear has scaled impressive heights. MAXGear is now the leading third-party original accessories provider for brands like GoPro, XiaoYi and SJCAM in the region. It also expanded its inventory to include products that improve one’s quality of life such as rechargeable LED torchlights, key trackers with built-in alarm and even car air purifier and humidifier!

MAXGear – Gearing Up for the Next Adventure

Action Cameras

One of MAXGear’s most prominent products is their high-tech action cameras, which enable photography enthusiasts to snap clear photos despite complicated and fast-paced movement. These cameras are usually handy and are lightweight, thus making it very versatile and portable, especially for outdoor usage. Outdoor activities and extreme sports usually consumes a lot of stamina and physical strength from individuals, hence action cameras are better options compared to other cameras in the market which are bigger and heavier. Their durable waterproof design, which can withstand up to 30m in depth is also a feature which makes them the ideal companion for outdoor shooting. MAXGear’s action cameras also have another unique function, whereby their lenses have a larger capture angle of 170◦ as compared to normal camera lenses that have only 135◦ camera angle. Hence, you will not be missing out on any of the action.

The cameras typically are able to support high memory SD cards, so continuous video recording will not be an issue, so you can continue taking photos and videos until you have the perfect one! The functions on MAXGears action cameras are also quite straightforward, so even novices or amateur photographers will be able to utilize them well.

Camera Accessories

As aforementioned earlier, MAXGear not only provides high-speed action cameras, but they also include useful camera accessories in their products list which enable users to fully utilize their cameras. These accessories include wrist-straps, monopods, lenses and selfie sticks. These accessories add more versatility and functionality to the cameras. Yes, you got it; these are the secret weapons that enable photos and videos to be taken at almost impossible angles! MAXGear provides a variety of these accessories to choose from, based on personal preference.

Other Notable MAXGear Accessories

Besides action cameras and camera accessories, MAXGEAR has a wide selection of smart watches to choose from, each with multiple useful functions such as being able to make calls and answer calls as well as read messages directly without you having to take out your mobile phone, monitoring heart rate, track the steps you have taken and calories burned for the day with a built-in pedometer, and even compasses which is essential for adventurers to ensure that they are not lost and remain on track. Not only do they have many useful functions, these smart watches have slick and innovative designs that can make a fashion statement as well! Most of the models are available in at least two colours, which gives you more options to choose based on your personal preference. Hence, these smart watches are not only suitable for sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers but also cater for anyone who longs for convenience and time-saving in their everyday routines.

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