Are you a Marvel Superheroes collector? From The Avengers to the Ultimate Spider-Man to Hero Mashers and Guardians of the Galaxy, you can find your favourite Marvel super hero action figures, collectibles shirt, accessories, and apparel right here. Collect all The Avengers Toys now! Read more about Marvel Malaysia here below to find out.

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Top Coolest Marvel Toys Every Marvel Collector Will Love

Although Marvel heroes and villains have been popular over the years, it may appear the Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to attract a mainstream audience with greater success. Unsurprisingly, this also leads to a resurgence of interest in the collection of all Marvel products. Both young and old audience enjoy getting Marvel toys for their collection. If you are interested to collect Marvel products, do not worry because there is a simple guide that helps you to make the best choice. These are the top coolest Marveltoys every Marvel collector will love to include in the collection.

Deadpool Wood Warriors Figure

This Marvel mercenary made of wood is sometimes bad and sometimes good! These articulated Wood Warriors figures allow you to pose 'em, stack 'em, and collect 'emfor fidgety playtime fun or home and office decoration. In terms of articulation, the Deadpool Wood Warriors figure can engage in a huge variety of dynamic poses thatbefit this rogue anti-hero character. Whether you want to play with it or display it prominently on the shelf, this well-sculpted figure is all about quality and value. It boasts super stretchy understructure that holds blocked pieces together. His iconic mask and entire body certainly break the fourth wall with his awesomeness.

Among the Marvel Wood Warriors collection, the Deadpool is easily one of the most popular figures because it always steals the show like its comic book and film counterparts. You can putaplate of deliciouschimichanga next to him if you enjoy a sense of irony like Deadpool. While he does not come with his iconic katana blade, his sharpquips can still stab you in the gut. If you are a Deadpool fan, it is highly recommended that you should get this Deadpool Wood Warriors figure.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Widow (2014)

In the realm of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Black Widow is your first big female superhero that brings her own unique ethics to a team of Avengers. Despite this, it actually takes three movies for her to get her own action figure. All that wait for the release of her figure are well-warranted because reviewers and collectors alike agree that she is one of the best action figures ever from MCU-based action figure line. The articulations in this Black Widow are just top-notch since you can easily post her in a variety of poses, especially when you want to reenact favorite scenes from Marvel movies.

She also comes with interchangeable heads so that you can use her classic wig from the Avengers or the straight hair from the Winter Soldier wig. When you take a closer look at her, it is impressive that she looks closest to her movie counterpart she based on. From the signature pout and her entire frame, this Black Widow figure showcases such level of detail and depth in her appearance. In fact, some people even refer her as the "ScarJofigure you never knew you needed".

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Star Lord

When the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, Peter Quill defends the galaxy from interstellar bad guys. This 6-inch Star-Lord figure is highly articulated and features a movie-inspired design. Featuring premium articulation, you will be surprised to find that you can move his joints around with relative ease. As such, you can do his signature dance moves. Standing at 6 inches tall, this Star Lord figure will show you the true meaning of heroism against insurmountable odds. He comes with his iconic mask and 2 blasters for dualgunslingingmadness.

Fans of legendary outlaw will enjoy this impressive Star Lords figure because you can tell from hisappearance. The design is so fantastic that you can display him effortlessly in your diorama or other setups.If you love the quality and look of this Marvel Legends series, you should collect him along with other rag-tag teams ofmisfits. Loved by both adults andchildrenalike, fans can now start a legendary collection of comic-based and movie-based Marvel characters.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Starship Vehicle

You will not able tosave the galaxy without comfortable transportation, and Star-Lord has been kind enough to invite Rocket Raccoon, Groot,Gamora, and Drax aboard his flying hub of awesome: The Milano Starship. Named after his television crush from the 1980s (there's still hope!), the Milano Starship features electronic lights, battle sounds, and 2 firing missiles. This gorgeousstarship has been tested for durability and quality (you can navigate it around boldly and recklessly just like Star Lord himself).A 2.5-inch scale Star-Lord action figure is included and the cockpit can fit up to 3 figures!

Since Star-Lord has his 2 favorite sounds such as 80s music and explosions, you are going to be excited with how this Milano starship vehicle turns out. Hold down the button on the Milano Starship for the sound of rapid-fire blasting, and then let it go to hear the thundering boom of your enemy's fate! (80s music not included but highly recommended). Equipped with 2 firing missiles, you can fire your missiles as youattempttodistract defeat thevillains to save the universe from them.