Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. When one mentioned Marie Claire, it’s immediately known to everyone that it is a magazine full of personality, affluence and wisdom, with the aim to empower and inspire women from every levels of society. But Marie Claire is more than just a magazine. It is about a lifestyle. Take a peep down below to unearth more about Marie Claire on iprice.


Who run's the world? Marie Claire does

Marie Claire, one of the most celebrated women’s magazine has a pretty interesting history. Created by a journalist, Jean Prouvost in 1937, Marie Claire is a magazine aimed at women, to encourage and empower them to be free in pursuing their goals, dreams and their curiosity, personality and attitude. Marie Claire is also the first magazine that features articles about beauty, health, fashion and family in the 21st century.

Started off as a weekly publication, each issue is written and edited for a sexy, stylish, confident and elegant woman who is not afraid to make brainpower as part of her wardrobe. It was such a success that police were dispatched to the newspaper stands to keep order among the many new readers of the magazine.

However, Marie Claire’s stint as a popular magazine was cut short as Germany stopped its publication during the war in 1942. In 1954, Marie Claire reappears at the newsstands, this time as a monthly publication, continuing its mission to captivate the women readers and keeping them abreast with the latest information.

With inheritance comes great memories

When Jean Prouvoust retired, one of his daughters, Evelyn Prouvoust took over the business, little by little as she continues the legacy of the magazine that her father have built. She created a Marie Claire album, featuring feminine titles of Prouvost Empire. Evelyn saw the potential of expanding the magazine further, this time internationally so that women in every part of the world could enjoy reading the magazine.
Thus, under her wing, Marie Claire set foot to Australia, one of the first country that Marie Claire magazine were distributed in 1995. Immediately, Marie Claire established itself as Australia’s number one fashion magazine.

Today, Marie Claire is published in 26 countries and is read by more than 15 million readers worldwide, with more growing each day. To date, Marie Claire has published a total of 34 award winning marie claire editions in continents around the world, such as in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, South Africa and the Middle East, making Marie Claire an acclaimed women’s fashion magazines globally.

In addition to that, Marie Claire also publishes sister’s magazines such as marie claire 2( a magazine for accessories), marie claire Maison, marie claire Beauty, marie claire Enfants , marie claire Bis (a shopping magazine), marie claire Travel and marie claire Fashion Shows. If that is not enough to wow you, Marie Claire Group continue to take the magazine world to the storm by publishing more sister’s magazines, this time in French. The sister’s magazines are Marie France, Advantages, Family, Cosmopolitan, Marriages, Votre Beauté, marie claire Idées, 100 Idées Jardin, Cuisine et Vins de France and La Revue du Vin de France.

Marie Claire takes over the fashion world.

As a magazine that specializes in fashion and beauty, it is only fitting that Marie Claire Group decided to establish its own fashion boutique. Establish in 1965 in St-Hyacinthe, Marie Claire boutiques were created to display a distinctive and ultra-feminine style creations that meet the client’s needs and styles. Since its establishment, with over 75 boutiques under its belt, all placed at prominent cities internationally, Marie Claire boutique has kept an evolving inventory, with new merchandise and apparel arriving at the store every week, with the aim to create a style inspired by the European trends while still looking fabulously feminine.

At Marie Claire boutiques, clothes offered are mostly clothing that will highlight your style and is perfect for all kinds of occasions. From basics, party dresses, work wear to lingerie and sleepwear to active sportswear, choices are endless for you to choose from. So, whether it is for work or play, Marie Claire collections will seduce you!

Furthermore, Marie Claire launched its first shoe collection, as a result of the collaboration with a renowned shoemaker, Bata. Together with Bata, Marie Claire launched a few of prominent shoe collections, in which the designs are inspired by fashion capitals all around the world.

The shoe collection is aimed towards sophisticated, stylish, contemporary woman and it offers modern styles for a woman pursuing an active lifestyle who are chic, classy and young at heart. Marie Claire’s product ranges include a fashionable and classy range of woman’s shoes such as wedges, pumps, heels, courts and sandals.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you had a hectic day at the office or you are heading out for a night out with your friends, Marie Claire’s shoes will always be by your side. With it impeccable craftsmanship, premium quality soles and affordable style, you can always rely on your Marie Claires.

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