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Mares Swimwear in Malaysia

The open ocean; a place where curiosity meets adventure, also a place where we discover nature’s beauty and awesomeness. Exploring the open ocean requires not only skill, but the appropriate gear too. Enter Mares swimwear – the experts in the field of diving gear and the diving logistics and advice. Mares is Malaysia is particularly known for the free diving concepts and spearfishing gear for every underwater adventure you could think of. The combination of Malaysia’s pristine beaches and diving locations just off the coast plus the adventurous spirit of divers, together with Mares swimwear creates the perfect conditions for diving. Today, you can get Mares swimwear and diving gear in Malaysia at the lowest prices by shopping online. With iprice, you’ll find all of Mares gear at the best prices in the market. Find out more with the links below.

Dive into the history of Mares

As intriguing as diving is, so is the history and beginning of the company called Mares. Mares is known throughout the world as the number one company for scuba and freediving gear. Just watch any deep diving video on YouTube and you’ll find the name Mares somewhere in it. The company started off in 1949 with its founder, Ludovico Mares. As the name suggests, Mares was Italian and had a desire for the deep ocean and spearfishing in particular. He began designing masks and underwater spear-guns but as time passed, the company moved into dive technologies for the modern world. Fast forward 60 years and Mares is known foremost for being a leader in advance diving technologies and the research. A love for the sea and a knack for improvement have been the motivating factor behind the company’s drive for success.

Think diving, think Mares Malaysia

Planning your next underwater adventure? Looking to explore that reef off the coast? Wanting to extreme watersports but don’t have the gear? No worries! Mares Malaysia has got you covered. Mares has come to Malaysia to provide cutting-edge technology in diving gear for everyone. Everything you need for a fulfilling dive, Mares has. Mares specializes in the area of:

  • Diving wear
  • Fins
  • Computers
  • Regulators & octopus
  • Diving instruments
  • C.D technology
  • Masks & snorkels

These above are just some to name a few. In Malaysia, we mostly seek out Mares for diving wear and accessories such as diving fins and regulators. The beauty of choosing from Mares is that you can rest assured that the combination of diving gear you get are all of the highest standards (and compatible). Let’s move on to look at more of Mares’ advancement in diving gear.

Mares Diving Wear

Mares brings out its best when it comes to diving wear. Readily available for people of all sizes, Mares caters to elite divers and those training to be among the elite. For starters, let’s look at some of Mares’ most suitable options in diving wear. The main categories for diving wear are Men’s Neoprene Wetsuits, She Dives Line, Wetsuit accessories, and Rash guard collection. As the name suggests, the Men’s Neoprene wetsuits are under Wares clothing for men and She Dives line would be categorized under the Mares clothing for women page. Some wetsuits you could consider as below:

  • Flexa 3.2.2
  • Reef Monosuit 3 man
  • Coral 0.5 man
  • Rover Shorty
  • Flexa 3.2.2 She Dives
  • Reef Monosuit 3 She Dives
  • Thermo Guard 0.5 Long Sleeve She Dives
  • Fireskin

Albeit the various designs, the material varies with each diving version of the wetsuit. Each suited to a niche of diving with only some such as the Flexa 3.2.2 series is flexible for any type of diving. Just check out the types of diving suits on iprice at Mares clothing page.

Diving fins & snorkels

What good would it be to have a full suit, but no fins? Fortunately, Mares fins are a huge breakthrough in the science of fluid motion and aerodynamics. These bad boys will help you propel and manoeuvre like you’re some kind of fish. With so many choices of fins to select, you might end up with a few. Check out Mares X Stream, Avanti Quarttro, Avanti X3 or Power Plana fins if you want something advanced. Or you could opt for the basic Turbo Plana or Wave if you’re new to the sport. For snorkels, look under the Mares sports & outdoors page to get all your desired products. Some choices of Mares snorkels you might want to consider are the Ergo Splash, Ergo Flex, Rover Pro, and Ergo Dry.

Masks & accessories

To complete your diving gear, throw in the Mares masks and other accessories into your underwater ensemble. Mares masks keep water out of your eyes while creating crystal-clear vision. See with precision vision underwater without the hazards of foggy goggles and so on. Check out the line of masks like Essense LiquidSkin, X-VU LiquidSkin, I3 Sunrise, Opera, One Vision Sunrise and X-Vision. For accessories, choose from Mares range of mask straps, strap covers and anti-fog sprays.

iprice and Mares diving gear online

shopping for diving gear these days is so simple. You won’t have to cross the ocean to get to the perfect set of diving gear. Everything you need is right here on iprice. Shop for all of Mares products at discounted prices no one else offers. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips. Puck Pro Grey, QUANTUM BCD and Puck Air Dive Computer are the most popular collection of Mares Water Sports Equipment. Besides Mares diving equipment, look out for other favourites out there such as Scubapro and Barracuda online. What are you waiting for? Dive into iprice’s awesome selection today! Happy shopping!