Hailing from Milan, Marcelo Burlon is now in Malaysia to give you a taste of contemporary flavors in fashion. Check out the brand's best collections below or read more about their extensive array of products below.

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What's The Hottest from Marcelo Burlon?

If you're looking for a brand that's nothing like you have ever seen before, then you should check out Marcelo Burlon. This clothing brand specializes in streetwear and modern style with rich iconography and bold statements. Marcelo Burlon is a hip, cool, and edgy brand with a penchant for deviating from normal streetwear themes. Here are some fashion items that you should check out from Marcelo Burlon in Malaysia:

Marcelo Burlon Jackets

Perhaps one of the brand's best-selling products, Marcelo Burlon has a wide array of jackets with a quirky twist. The brand uses different textures on their jackets and mixing them with other fabrics to create an eye-catching style. Marcelo Burlon is popular for creating their own down jackets as well as sweaters with printed iconography on the front, usually black with a contrast of red, white, or brown.

Marcelo Burlon Phone Cases

Another unique product from this brand is their collection of phone cases that reflect Marcelo Burlon's hipster vibe. Marcelo Burlon phone cases display a unique print from animals to psychedelic patterns. Available for iPhone 7 and 7 plus only.

Marcelo Burlon Shoes

The shoe always completes a look that's why Marcelo Burlon always runs the extra mile when it comes to shoes. Created for men, women, and kids, Marcelo Burlon shoes brings about streetwear in every form from sneakers, slip-ons, sliders. Marcelo Burlon even made a collaboration with Reebok and created a magnificent running shoe called the "Zoku" that peaks at both style and performance.

Marcelo Burlon Dresses

Streetwear is more than just shirts and jeans but also dresses. Unlike other brands, Marcelo Burlon brings about your edgy side with their unique designs and prints. What makes Marcelo Burlon dresses so different is the cut and fabric. While some people would say it is unconventional, it is definitely eye-catching. Along with a mix and match of different colors and fabrics, Marcelo Burlon dresses are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe.

Marcelo Burlon Tops

From graphic tees to conventional shirts, Marcelo Burlon has a unique selection of tops with various designs, prints, and even cuts! Following the trend but deviating from the norm, Marcelo Burlon tops brings out your edgy side, whether you pair it with your favorite jeans, skirt, or shorts. What makes their tops stand out is the stunning iconography that directly contrasts the base. Printed colors such as red, orange, gold, blue, and white are a staple within the collection and it looks absolutely amazing!

Marcelo Burlon Bottoms

Marcelo Burlon bottoms are also available to pair with your cute top. Jeans, shorts, and skirts are all available in basic cuts so that you can wear them with any shirt or blouse. Of course, it is not Marcelo Burlon without an artistic flair. Ripped, jogger, or embroidered, you can never be disappointed with Marcelo Burlon bottoms.