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Marbella Malaysia

Marbella is a brand owned by the Maka Technologies Group alongside other brands, Maka and WhoTrackMe. Established in Singapore and then expanded to Malaysia since 2006, Marbella Malaysia has been providing consumers with navigating products and car recording devices. Under Marbella, there are two main categories of products: Marbella Car Navigator and Marbella RoadCorder. Under the Marbella Car Navigator category, there are 8 products available with ranging specifications. On the other hand, Marbella RoadCorder has 15 products that differ only to meet the varying specifications and needs of the consumers.

Why Should You Purchase A Marbella Car Navigator?

To Cut Costs

Especially important for jobs that require you to be driving around a lot like delivery services, privately owned taxi or even busses. Having a car navigation system can be one of the most effective ways to save cost. You’ll be able to take the quickest route to your destination because the GPS system only directs you through the quickest course. This way, you save on petrol and time thus, leading to improved efficiency.

Apart from saving petrol and time, you can also save on the cost of renting a GPS system when you’re abroad. Most, if not all of Marbella’s car navigating systems include maps in several countries saving you the hassle of getting another navigating system for your road trip overseas.

For Recreational Uses

Not only to be used as a car navigator, the GPS systems from Marbella Malaysia come equipped with recreational uses. The additional functions included are games to keep young kids entertained while on long journeys, a multimedia player, an FM Transmitter, a picture viewer, e-book, calendar, unit converter, and even a calculator. With all these additional uses, one might even go as far as to call it a tablet!

Useful Overseas

Taking a long flight, train or bus ride to your next holiday destination? Why not bring Marbella Malaysia’s GPS system along? You can keep yourself entertained on the long journey while keeping track on your location all because the navigation systems provided by Marbella include maps in several other countries. With a touchscreen included in most GPS navigators by Marbella, it makes the system much more user-friendly making it a true travel companion to ensure you never get lost on your journey!

Why Would You Need A Marbella RoadCorder?

As Evidence During Driving Accidents

Getting into an accident normally leads to an argument with the parties involved – one normally insisting that it was the other person’s fault and vice versa. Sometimes this results in the victim getting bullied into settling the cost for both parties. The simplest way of resolving this is with hard evidence and what is better than having the entire scene caught on camera?

To Catch the Insurance Frauds

If you’d believe it or not, there are people out there who actively try to get into an accident with an oncoming car just to claim a sum of cash from the insurance agency. Also, imagine the horror of a pedestrian suddenly running towards your car on purpose and then blaming you for your lack of negligence? So the simplest way to solve this is by purchasing one of Marbella’s Digital Road Recorder.

To Catch Snatch Thieves or Road Bullies

Especially in a country like Malaysia, we are always worrying when we drive out late at night. There are cases of being chased by a fleet of “Mat Rempits” or even daylight horrors of motorcyclists smashing the window to snatch your bag while you’re stranded helpless in the driver’s seat. By having one of the RoadCorders sold at Marbella Malaysia, you can catch their faces on the screen or even their registration number plate on camera to help as evidence when you head over to make a police report at the police station.

For The Hit-and-Run Perpetrators

Have you ever had an instance when you parked your car in the shopping mall or in public places and when you come back, you find an obvious dent and/or scratches on your car? Most of the time, these perpetrators would normally just drive off because you wouldn’t be able to catch them anyway. (Or so they thought) With a RoadCorder from Marbella, you’ll have everything recorded as evidence when you head to report it to the local authorities.

Having a RoadCorder doesn’t just record what goes on for your own benefit. If you happen to witness a hit-and-run accident, it means your camera did too. For the sake of the victim, call an ambulance and the police so when the authorities arrive, you have the proof available at hand.

Marbella Malaysia: Your Only Stop for Navigation Systems and RoadCorders

From the reasons listed above, it is evident that having a reliable GPS navigation system and a digital road recorder can be very useful in many situations. If you are looking for a sports camera instead, Marbella Malaysia also has the Curve Xtreme50 FHD SportCam.

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