“Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself.” – Larry Williams

Every time you hear rock and roll music, without fail we will get into the vibration and feel the energy flowing through the veins in our body. Craving to feel deeper by achieving the electrifying rock and roll look? Manic Panic is what you need. Click here to find out more.

Manic Panic Hair Care Products

Get Ready To Rock and Roll with Manic Panic Malaysia

The fiery red hair trend has been going viral for some time now and every time you turn your head around, you would definitely spot youngsters and adults rocking this look effortlessly. Did you know that this red hair look became a sort of popular culture through the founders of Manic Panic? Well, Manic Panic is not only about red hair but more than that. From the day it was established till today, Manic Panic has been deemed as the inspiration behind many rock and roll looks and styles.

Manic Panic Malaysia: Building a Name from Scratch

Manic Panic first hit the world in the late 70’s when two sisters, Tish and Snooky from New York City decided to venture into business inspired by their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. The sisters who were also famous pop singers back then were the pioneers of the punk look. Manic Panic was a totally new thing when it was first established but today after years of fashion revolutions, Manic Panic is now known as an international company of hair colour and cosmetics.

Creating a Rock and Roll Look with Manic Panic

Manic Panic offers you a wide range of products to revamp your look entirely. From your hair to accessories, Manic Panic will never let you down when it comes to giving a rock and roll touch.

Hair Colour
Creamtones Perfect Pastel hair Colours
Colouring Tools
JEM Hair Colours
Glam Strips
Glam Lashes
Glitter Jewels
Glam Dust
Glam Gems

Must-Have Products from Manic Panic Malaysia

Over the years, Manic Panic has won many awards and recognitions in the industry for introducing the best products in the market. The products from Manic Panic are widely recognised and respected for their premium quality and also for the latest technology used to produce only the best and safest products. The team behind Manic Panic has invested hours of hard work and dedication to come up with the most efficient products and that is the reason why Manic Panic has always been at the top of the market. Check out some of the items from Manic Panic that you should never miss out.

Blue Steel Vegan
This blue container of hair colour is the proud winner of “Best Hair Product” of 2015. If you are finding the perfect shade of blue for your hair, get your hands on Blue Steel Vegan right away!
Manic Mixer / Pastel-izer
Designed for the purpose of creating lighter shades with Manic Panic semi-permanent hair colours, this 100% vegan guaranteed hair product won the “Best Cruelty-Free Hair Product of 2014”. Manic Mixer / Pastel-izer has also become a craze among supermodels and celebrities for the unique blend that this product can create.

Getting Your Hair Done with Manic Panic Malaysia

First of all, why would you want to go for Manic Panic hair dye when you have plenty of options? We will tell you why.

Well, Manic Panic does not cause any damage to your hair. Hair colouring can cause your hair to look super dry however unlike most hair dyes out there, Manic Panic contains restorative properties to bring the shine to your hair. In addition to that, frequent hair colouring can strip off the moisture in your hair. Manic Panic is your ultimate choice simply because it acts as a conditioner to not only hydrate but also to fill the processed hair.

Now, hair colouring process can be a little tricky. You can seek professional help if you want an easy way out. But if you are the DIY kind of person, we are glad to help you out through the process. You just need your desired hair dye and lots of patience.

Firstly, you need to place the Manic Panic hair colour into a spacious bowl. If you have short hair, half a bowl would do and for longer hair, you might need to use it completely. Now the real work begins. With the help of a brush, start applying the hair colour half and inch from your scalp and stroke the brush downwards to the tip of your hair. Next, use the brush to coat your hair from the nape of your neck and all the way up. Make sure you coat your hair evenly and every strand of your hair is coated with the hair colour.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the dye has been absorbed completely. You can tell this when your hair becomes frothy. You might need to spend extra time combing through your hair if you want your lighter shades to give a better result. Set your hair neatly and let it stay that way for 30 minutes or more to complete the absorption.

Finally, you need to use cold water to rinse your hair. Make sure your face does not get involved in this process. Once you are done rinsing, you do not have to use after-treatment products for your hair. Let your hair dry and enjoy the beauty of it.

Manic Panic, A New Look, A New You

It may sound cliché but then life is indeed too short to play safe. Step out of it, enjoy and experiment with different style and look. Rock and roll has been around for ages and don’t you think it is time for you to try this amazing look before it’s too late. Manic panic is all that you need to pull off this look perfectly. So let’s rock and roll with Manic Panic no matter what! You can also check out other great brands such as Secret Styler, BeWild, Old Glory, and more.