If you are looking for a dress that would complete your #OOTD, then Mango Malaysia gives you the opportunity to be fabulous! Check out our list of Mango dresses in Malaysia or read more about the brand and learn how to rock a Mango dress!

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Show your Style with the Hottest Mango Dresses

Established in 1972 in Barcelona, Spain by two brothers from Istanbul, Mango is one of the most popular high street brands today. Boasting a great array of garments, bags, and accessories for men and women, Mango takes you on an incredible journey towards fashion. For the past 44 years, the brand has been well-known to provide excellent quality and trendy items that are sought after by fashion icons. If you are looking for a dress that would express your personality, then Mango would certainly be a brand of choice.

Why choose a dress from Mango

Trendy and exciting!

From the latest crop tops, summer maxi dresses, chokers, and dresses, you can expect Mango Malaysia to keep up with the latest trends and more! With creativity and design as a priority, Mango pushes the boundaries in wearable street fashion by combining elements of vintage style with modernism. This skillful mix of styles has created exciting designs and collections which can be seen on all Mango products.

A brand loved by celebrities

Because of the brand's unique style, Mango appeals to men and women in all walks of life, including celebrities. Supermodel Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo, Alessandra Ambrosio, Cara Delevinge, reality star Kendall Jenner, and Hollywood actress Scarlette Johansson are all big fans of the brand and are often seen wearing a piece or two.

How to rock a Mango dress

Great for all seasons, Mango is a brand that everyone should have in their closet. Among the brand's most popular products are dresses for women. Whether mini, midi, or maxi, Mango dresses will always be a staple in today's fashion. Here are some tips on how to rock a Mango dress:

The occasion

When choosing the perfect Mango dress, the first thing that you need to consider is the occasion where you are going to be wearing the outfit. Of course, you can't wear a revealing dress in a wedding nor a formal maxi dress in the club. Your outfit should always be appropriate to the occasion.

Your body type

As much as we love to wear a body-fitting dress like Kim Kardashian, not everyone looks good in one. If you are going to choose a Mango dress, find one that would suit your body type. There are four main types: (1) apple-shaped, (2) pear-shaped, (3) rectangle/square, and (4) hourglass. Women with the apple body type, choose a dress that takes attention off the midriff while pear-shaped women would look their best with a Mango dress that enhances their bosom. For women with rectangle or square-shaped body type, a dress that creates an illusion of curves would definitely go well while an hourglass-shaped body type can wear body-fitting dresses that would highlight their feminine silhouette.

Know your style

Your personality plays a key role in the choices that you make, especially when it comes to fashion. When choosing a Mango dress, just have fun and be yourself!

Shop for the hottest Mango dresses in Malaysia!

A brand loved by many, Mango has a great selection of garments and accessories that would suit your taste. Whether casual, formal, or anything in between, Mango delivers premium quality products with unique designs that stands out from the rest. Shop for the hottest Mango dresses in Malaysia!