Thanks to its popularity, even those that are not familiar with the football have also heard of the Manchester United football club. As one of the most successful football clubs in the English Premier League, the Manchester United enjoys its dedicated fans and supporters from around the world. Read more about Manchester United Malaysia below to find out.


How to choose & collect the best Manchester United Products

Even if you are not a fan of football in general, you may have heard of Manchester United before. As a matter of fact, Manchester United football club is one of the most widely supported football teams in the world. Unsurprisingly, this means that it enjoys a well-earned reputation as a successful football club. Thanks to its enormous fans from around the world, Manchester United can be said to be a clear favorite among the football clubs in the English Premier League.

Since Manchester United is so popular, there is no doubt that it has lots of apparel and memorabilia that its fans can buy and collect. At the same time, it can be difficult to pick one because there is just too many of them. Now, you do not have to worry because there is a guide which makes your life easier and simpler at the same time. Hence, this is a simple list of top collectibles that every Manchester United fan must get for his or her collection.

Manchester United Fleece Dressing Gown/Bathrobe

In the first glance, the Manchester United fleece dressing gown may look like just another normal dressing gown or bathrobe. Yet, faithful Manchester United fans will enjoy this lovely Manchester United piece as it boasts the iconic Manchester United football club badge on its left chest. Moreover, the entire Manchester United bathrobe proudly bears the red color that is truly iconic among the football clubs in the English Premier League. In other words, that brilliant red tone will immediately strike a chord among the passionate supporters of the Manchester United football club.

Thanks to the use of fleece in its construction, you will find it extremely comfortable whenever you are wearing it. Not just that, it also uses high quality materials and this means that you do not have to worry that it can get damaged easily. As a matter of fact, it really lasts for a long time. You also can use its trim and tie waist belt to adjust its fitting accordingly. Featuring the luxurious soft luxury fleece, it is unsurprising that you will feel even more relaxed as you don it.

With your well-crafted Manchester United fleece dressing gown, you can always wear it for a cozy and casual night while watching your favorite shows or surfing the Internet. Obviously, a true Manchester United fan will always wear it to support his or her favorite team especially when watching the matches.

Manchester United Home Shirt 2016-17

Among the Manchester United products that you can get as a true fan, it is obvious that the Manchester United's own home jersey should be in your collection. As the ambitious Manchester United enters an exciting new chapter in the prestigious football club's history, it unveils the latest Manchester United home shirt 2016-17. Timeless and classic at the same time, this amazing Manchester United home jersey still exudes its legendary vibe with the latest styles and innovations. A true Manchester United fan will savor the moment when he or she wears this home jersey proudly.

Drawing inspiration from the roots of the Manchester United's enduring legacy as well as the half and half jerseys of Newton Heath football club, this Manchester United home shirt still offers the powerful image that showcases the football club's well-earned reputation. Basically, this official Manchester United home jersey is characterized by two contrasting shades of the iconic red in a novel half and half design. As for the United's original "Newton Heath" name, it is represented in a rectangular, plaque-style inner back neck graphic.

The two parallel side of the home jersey's further defines the design feature with the central hexagon patterning. Carried by four small hexagon icons, the MUFC initials are prominently placed on the outer back neck. In the first glance, this Manchester United home jersey is a regular fit with ribbed crewneck. Yet, it uses the signature Adidas ventilated climacool technology that makes it very comfortable when you wear it. Aside from making the jersey extremely breathable, it is also able to keep you dry at all times.

Indeed, it is definitely ideal for you to wear it for your exercise, workout and other physical activities. Other than that, you can always don it casually as you are hanging out in the city. Any passing Manchester United fans will give you their approval when they look at your awesome Manchester United awesome home jersey. For other Manchester United clothing, you should take a look at Manchester United sportswear.

Manchester United SoccerStarz Football Figures

From the Creative Toys Company, you get the Manchester United SoccerStarz Football Figures or smash-hit pocket-sized figures. These 2 inch tall handmade miniatures are highly sought after by faithful football collectors from around the world. Fully endorsed and licensed by the Manchester United football club itself, these incredible figures should be a part of your Red Devils collection. Basically, you can bring your favorite player to anywhere that you want. Whether you want to display proudly in your glass cabinet display or on the dashboard of your car, the possibilities are endless.

Manchester United Car Accessories

You can always show your support of Manchester United with these lovely Manchester United car accessories. From the hanging football boots to air fresheners, there are lots of thing that you can do to show your true colors even when you are on the move. Another popular Manchester United car accessories is the Manchester United car mini scarf that you can always find on other cars. The Red Devils definitely approve the love and dedication which you show on your car and no one can deny that!