Welcoming your new-born child into the family can be both an exciting and daunting task which many new parents have to experience. Thankfully with Mamas & Papas, parents can now embrace the challenges that lies ahead better and receive the greatest joys in life. Click here to learn more.


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Mamas & Papas embracing the unknown with you

A brand that was founded by parents for parents, Mamas & Papas listens to feedbacks from parents for all its products. Each and every product design is tested by parents before the official launch. A brand founded in the UK in 1981 to make better baby products, the brand has evolved from a single shop to become one of the most known global baby brand that makes innovative products.

When a new-born child comes into the family, it is definitely a life-changing moment as parents now need to provide, care and teach this mini ‘you’ to grow, excel and learn about everything about life. It may take a longer time for some mothers and fathers but you will eventually get the hang of it after a while, especially with Mamas & Papas products that are insight-driven.

First founded by Luisa and David Scacchetti, new parents who wanted better baby products, Mamas & Papas is now succeeded by their daughters Amanda and Olivia, whom are also parents themselves, shaping the business with their parenting experiences. Dubbed as Great Britain’s Favourite Baby Brand, Mamas & Papas looked into the baby culture with bursting passion, and by adding style and elegance into its design, the brand captured hearts of parents and children. Such a beautiful find! Products designed by mums for parents around the world.

Mamas & Papas Malaysia: putting baby products to its ultimate test

Like any other parent, David and Luisa Scacchetti were filled with excitement when they found out they were expecting their first child. They wanted the best for their child which led to their inspiration to form a boutique baby shop in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. When making products for babies and children, quality and safety are always the utmost priority. Mamas & Papas is a brand committed to ensure our generation of mums and dads to have the best products they need as they embark on the parenting journey.

Currently the only baby brand with an on-site UK accredited Test Lab — all products are rigorously assessed for safety, making sure they hold up to everything you and your little one throw at them, Mamas & Papas strives to ensure all its products are actually a better class of baby products. Mamas & Papas makes a wide variety of pushchairs, prams and car seats, all made in Italy with quality materials and then tested out in the UK for quality purposes. The brand has also expanded its product variation to include nursery furniture & interiors, bath time tools, playtime toys, maternity and baby wear, high chairs and rockers as well as swings and bouncers.

Top Mamas & Papas products

With such a wide variety of products by Mamas & Papas, here are a few products that we think should be part of your parenting journey.

  • The Armadillo City stroller
  • The Baby Bud booster seat
  • The Babyplay Tummy Time Activity Toy

We know that every parent wants a second stroller that is smaller, compact but still not losing any comfort. Moreover, if you live in the city you will want a stroller that can move about in tight spaces so you and your baby won’t have to squeeze uncomfortably to get around. That’s why the ultra-compact Armadillo City will be your perfect child-friendly transporter.

Take a look at the video below.

Are you surprised at the amount of wriggle room that it offers? This amazingly narrow and lightweight framed baby carrier allows you to carry on squeezing onto busy trains and into bustling cafes as normal, while giving your baby a comfy ride. Furthermore, when you are at home it folds away to an unbelievably small size with one hand in just 3 seconds. That’s twice as fast as any other lightweight stroller out there.

Babies and young kids are learning and trying their best to sit right while growing, so a good chair seat is essential to help them. Mamas & Papas Baby Bud Booster Seat is the seat you need for children 6 months to 3 years old. Yes, with a removable insert, parents can use this innovative chair longer (and save while at it!). This booster seat is very easy to put together. With a 3-stage seating, you can use it as your child grows. It’s also designed to easily fit most chairs securely, so you can boost your little one up to almost any table (just strapped it on any normal chair when you dine out and forgo the provided baby booster seats as they might be unclean). The Baby Bud is convenient and easy to use with an easy to clean tray, non-slip feet and two chair harnesses. The seat also provides support and comfort for the baby.

Tummy time comes highly recommended for young babies, as it is the period that a baby is awake and can spend time on their tummies. Tummy time is very important as it encourages the motor development for advanced activities like sitting, rolling and crawling. It's also an excellent position to prevent head-flattening, as it relieves pressure from the back of their head. So, let your little ones lie on their tummy more instead of lying down all the time. They can also train the muscles which lift their heads on their backs and when they work during Tummy Time they can help to round out the lower part of the skull. Get the Babyplay Tummy Time Activity Toy to help your babies enjoy tummy time.

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