Whether you are a professional makeup artist or a total newbie to the world of cosmetics, the most basic tool that you will need is definitely a concealer. It is like a magic wand to your skin, read here to understand more about the power of concealer.


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Makeup 101 - Applying your Concealer

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston. Makeup is truly the most effective confidence booster for every lady. And a makeup kit is never complete without a concealer. Having the fm concealer does not only fC your imperfections but also helps to beautify your makeup look.

Step 1:Which Type of Concealer to Use

You have to master the use of both Foundation and Concealer when putting on makeup. While foundation acts as a base to your makeup, it is certainly not complete without a touch of concealer in an effort to build a flawless skin tone. The ez of the steps depends on which type of foundation that you choose.

  • Liquid foundation first then concealer.
  • Concealer first then powder foundation.

Step 2:Create a Corrective Makeup Base

The basic step to create corrective makeup base is using concealer to fC your dark circles. Start by drawing a triangle fm below your eye with the end point reaches your cheek then blend evenly. It will brighten up your face c7 naturally instead of filling it up in a circular blending motion. Use the remaining concealer (on your brush or finger) to dab on the eyelids to keep your eye shadow last longer without spending on an eye shadow primer.

Step 3:Cover Imperfections

When covering your pimples, make sure to apply the fM concealer using a clean brush in a single day on the pimple spot first. After that, you can blend the concealer that matches your skin tone with a cotton swab without spreading the bacteria that could lead to even c7 pimples. On a side note, besides fM concealer that is used for cE spots like pimples and blemishes, there are two c7 concealer g0 as follows:

  • Peach shaded concealer is applied for the cH shadow under your eyes.
  • Orange shaded concealer is applied for evening makeup to highlight your face.

Concealer can also be used to define your eyeliner. Dip your angled brush in the same concealer that has been applied before and draw along the liner where you want to fC the mistakes.

What Type of Concealer do You Need?

Just like any other cosmetics, there are plenty of different concealers that serve different makeup needs. Knowing what works best for you is just as important as learning how to apply it on your face. Here is a brief guide to the most commonly used concealers.

High coverage concealer

  • Cream concealer - best for matte look as well as covering pimples
  • Body Stick - a simple and easier way to fC tattoos, birthmarks, and scars.
  • Stick concealer - similar effect to cream concealer and c7 versatile to carry in your bag.

Medium coverage concealer

  • Pencil concealer - you can use it to create contours and highlights. The trick is: 2 shades darker for contouring and 2 shades brighter for highlighting.
  • Liquid concealer - easy to use and blend to ensure even skin tone, especially suitable for beginners.

Light coverage concealer

  • Pen concealer with metal tip - best used for dark circles and the metal tip helps to avoid puffiness.
  • Pen concealer with brush tip - it is versatile for fast concealing with a built in brush.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to investing in the fm makeup kit. It has the power to uplift your confidence in a magical way. Up your makeup game with more dazzling colors, start with concealer on iprice Malaysia!