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thailand Variable Y Eyelash Serum 5ml (buy 1 free 1)
RM 20.00

Thailand Mascara Variable Y eyelash growth liquid 5ml 正品variable Y眉毛睫毛增长液卷翘浓密超强生长液滋养修护纤长膏 5ml Thailand Mascara Variable Y eyelash growth liquid 5ml Specifications Variable Y Eyelash Serum Mascara Eyelash Liquid Growth 1. Growth in 15 Days 2. Best Effect Eyelash Liquid Growth Eyelash ye finally coming! ! Pure plant extracts. No stimulation, stimulation of hair follicles. Promote secretion of follicle metabolism, growth and the formation of molecular Variable Y eyelash growth Notice: Do not use eye drops inside eyes (with eye disease , conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation with caution due to their own reasons we will not be responsible for adverse reactions 注意:产品使用时不要滴进眼睛哦~(有眼疾病、结膜炎、等眼部炎症者慎用。因自身原因有不良反应者我们不予负责还望谅解 根据生长周期和吸收情况不同,见效期也不同,基本都在5到15天见效。再强调一下,这款增长液渗透力很强,只需要刷到睫毛上即可每一根都要刷到。不需要刷到睫毛根部!刷到根部会弄到眼睛里,会很痛!不用担心油脂涂多了会长脂肪粒,Variable Y底油用的是橄榄油,是唯一可以被人体吸收的油脂!完全没有长脂肪粒的可能性,Variable Y的增长液,只要早晚坚持各刷一遍,想不长不浓密都难。 使用方法:每天2次,早晚各刷一次,不用多刷,刷均匀即可,刷在睫毛根部以及睫毛上 #thailand #original #variable #eyelash #serum #buy1free1 #readystock #sayajual #sayajualmurah #sayajualonline #promotion #lelong #eyemakeup #cosmetic #makeup #skincare #beauty

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False Lashes Malaysia

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