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Makeup Brushes Malaysia: An Artist’s Essential Tools

Every woman grew up dreaming of looking beautiful like those models and celebrities that they see in magazines and on TV. While getting plastic surgery is one way of achieving those stunning looks, most times it just takes a brush of colour to accentuate the cheekbones or bring out the eyes to achieve those results.

While choosing the right colours to match your skin tone is important, using the right brushes is just as important. Just like how an artist requires the right tools to paint colours onto a canvas, that is how important makeup brushes are to budding makeup artists (or ladies looking to bring out their natural beauty).

Makeup Brushes Malaysia: The Art of Looking Beautiful

Unlike Lord of The Rings, where you need only “One Ring to rule them all”, makeup requires many different types of brushes that comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Each shape and size of the brush makes it suited to a certain area of application. For example:

  • Foundation brushes - usually long with flat bristles and tapered tip
  • Contour brushes - slanted and rounded for cheekbones
  • Lipstick brushes - fine and soft bristles with tapered tip
  • Blending brushes (eyeshadow) - long bristles, usually comes with a rounded head

And if you think that is all there is to brushes, then you are in for a surprise. Other than the variety of sizes and shapes, makeup brushes are made from either natural or synthetic materials. Here are some details on the differences between brushes made from these materials:

  • Natural makeup brushes are typically made from animal hair and are actually a lot more durable and great when applying powder products. This is because the bristles of the brush would move more freely, which allows you to pick up enough of the product on one swipe and also lets you blend it out beautifully for a natural finish.
  • Synthetic makeup brushes are usually made from nylon or any other synthetic fibers. These brushes are great when used with liquid or cream products as the bristles tend to gravitate towards one another and makes it easy for precise application.

Makeup Brushes Malaysia: Beauty Essentials

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