For makeup professionals and enthusiasts, a makeup bag is a lifesaver. Helping you organize your makeup palettes, foundation, brushes, and other accessories, a trusty makeup bag can go a long way. Check out the best makeup bags in Malaysia or read more about what makes a good makeup bag below.


What Makes a Good Makeup Bag

Now that makeup is more popular than ever, makeup bags are now a necessity for men and women who live and breathe makeup. It is an essential tool if you love to travel with your makeup essentials or if you are keen on organizing your makeup products. Even if you only carry the basics with you such as mascara, lipstick, and pressed powder, you would still need an organizer to prevent it from breaking up or accidentally opening inside your purse. Here are some qualities that you should look for when looking for a makeup bag in Malaysia:

Good Quality and Secure Zippers

When looking for a makeup bag, the first thing that you need to know is the quality of its zippers. Makeup bag zippers should be easy to open, secure, and seamless. Zippers are a great choice of fastening because it keeps your makeup safe inside the bag and keeps everything out, especially if you have expensive makeup brands in your collection.

Lots of Compartments

Another quality that you should look for in a makeup bag are the compartments. There are makeup bags that only has one compartment which functions similar to a purse; all you need to do is put all your essentials in. There are also makeup bags with tons of different compartments which is great if you carry a lot. The best thing about having lots of storage spaces is that you can better organize which different makeup items you need; foundation goes with foundation, palettes go with palettes, lipsticks go with lipsticks etc.


A makeup bag should also be compact. While it would sound like the exact opposite of having tons of different compartments, well-organized makeup bags can be compact, even if it's carrying a lot of items. This is great if you want to carry a lot during travels or for professionals who are always on the go. A compact bag can be a great companion for MUAs.

Strong Fabric

Aside from having good quality zippers, makeup bags should also be made from strong fabric. Makeup packaging such as pressed powders and palettes can have sharp edges which can tear the bag down from the inside. Canvas, polymer, nylon and even PVC are great materials for bags because they are lightweight and strong; some are even layered with a cushion to protect your items. Avoid bags that are too thin and flimsy.

Easy to Carry

If you are going to choose a makeup bag, make sure that it is easy to carry, especially with all the essentials with it. Depending on its shape, makeup bags usually have a handle at the top to make carrying easier. However, there are other makeup bags with a sling to free your hands to do other things.