Jeans are always the darling of every fashionista no matter how much fashion trends evolves. Madewell captures the exquisite style of jeans just so perfectly that no fashion connoisseur can help but falling in love with the brand. Click here to read more.

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Madewell – A brand of everything jeans and more

If you are a “die hard” fan of jeans, you have probably heard about an England brand Madewell more than once as this iconic brand has always been the talk of the town since 1937. Madewell today is known as a sister company of J.Crew and specialized in making jeans, denim clothing and everything else in between.

The original Madewell was a workwear clothing company founded by the Nosowitz family, as the Founder’s great grandson Dan Nosowitz told the public. It’s always been the essence of high quality denim fabric that Madewell focused on no matter what it’d been through. Being the brand that speaks for women, Madewell only has their customers’ best interest in mind – to make fashion that is timeless and also represents different characters.

Besides the main focus of jeans and denim, Madewell also sells fashion staples that are best paired with them. So to make the best out of Madewell, make sure to discover the fashion fix that will work for and get more inspirations from Madewell’s style guide.

Style up with Madewell jeans

There is endless possibility when it comes to styling with jeans. You can easily pair them with almost all kinds of tops, shoes and other accessories without barely going wrong. However, to pull off that classic cowboy look or to add an effortless chic look to your daily outfit with jeans, you can check out these following styling ideas.

  • Skinny jeans and a staple jacket: Bored of a traditional t-shirt and jeans mix? Just add on a stylish jacket of the same tone to your jeans colour for a more edgy look.
  • Dark colour jeans with tall boots: Master the boho chic look with this set of outfit. You can choose a pair of bright leather boots as the main accessory, especially suitable for a tall lady.
  • Jeans and a lace top: Mixing traditional with modern fashion pieces is always a good idea. Be on trend with an elegant lace designed fashion staple!
  • Denim on denim: Even though this outfit may be a bit tricky, it can either turn you into a fashionista or a fashion disaster. The key is to mix different shades of denim and also, play around with ripped jeans.

Madewell Malaysia's broad range of jeans for all of jeans lovers!

If you think that jeans are too plain and lack of styles, you probably haven’t known Madewell. This brand designs loads of stylish jeans that fit various fashion styles as well as for different occasions.

  1. High riser skinny jeans: High waist jeans have been a thing these recent years for their classic look. It adds more chic style to your appearance and helps to “cheat” a few extra centimetre for your legs. You can wear high waist jeans with a crop top or a tucked in checked shirt and finish with a pair of sandals or sneakers for a youthful and vibrant style.
  2. Skinny jeans: Come in different colours of hue blue to classic white or many other bold colours like marsala, brown and dark orange. With stretchable jeans material, you won’t have to compromise comfort when wearing a Madewell’s skinny jeans.
  3. Crop, straight and demi-boot jeans: Stand out from the crowd with Madewell’s unqiue designs of straight leg or cropped leg that keep your denim game strong!
  4. Flares and wide leg jeans: Another retro look to consider. These pairs, which were once a huge hit among ladies of the 70s - 90s, are now gaining the fame faster than ever! This style will help to polish your classic look effortlessly.
  5. Boyfriend jeans: If you want to look impeccably stylish without much trying, a pair of boyfriend jeans is the only fashion staple that you’ll need.
  6. Overalls and Jumpsuits: Speaking of retro, it is such a mistake without mentioning denim overalls and jumpsuits. Madewell’s designs will give you plenty of overall inspirations for a perfect playful look.
  7. Shorts and Short overalls: Go casual yet elegant with the right choice of short jeans. From high waist to ripped jeans, pair them with a simple top and you can ever hardly go wrong with this outfit combination.

Be the envy of the fashion world with Madewell Malaysia’s style blog

Not only great fashion finds that you can get from Madewell but also an awesome style blog for more jeans inspiration! Learn how to mix and match different styles of jeans and denim with everything you can find in your closet with Madewell’s top fashion insiders. Also, you can get the latest updates on the current trends right here from Madewell blog.

Besides jeans, Madewell also offers a wide range of accessories for you to add to your jeans game. Madewell jewellery collections are not only stylish for casual jeans but also versatile and elegant for a formal outfit. Furthermore, you can complete the look with Madewell Bags, come in various designs that are suitable for any occasion.