“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from then and you have their shoes.” While American humourist, Jack Handey’s suggestion is tempting, iprice is your other safe alternative for a Macbeth fashion hunt.


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Macbeth Malaysia - A collection of the perfect street-wear shoes

Shoes like heels, sandals and flip-flops are amazing but some days are created for sneakers. Macbeth sneakers to be precise! Macbeth footwear brings you a versatile and style savvy range of products that look just as good as they feel when you put them on. Bringing the best of rock music to the fashion scene, Macbeth Footwear is the perfect mix of style, rock music culture and Southern California’s action sports lifestyle.

Macbeth Malaysia – Dress to impress!

Being able to distinguish oneself in the sea of vibrant designs while still keeping the essence of what is trending is the challenge that every fashion house has to battle. If you are a fan of street fashion, we are certain that you have heard of the name Macbeth, a footwear and apparel company that focuses on the individual style as well as encourages the creativity beyond any fashion rules.

Macbeth is best known as the brand created for the artists, musicians and bold characters. It was founded by none other than Tom Delonge, a platinum selling musician from Blink-182, Box Car Racer and Angels and Airwaves. From the founding year 2002 till present, Macbeth has grown into a global brand which introduced countless of fashion-forward products. All of them are influenced by the current music scene as well as the industry’s trends. More than that, Macbeth has always been the player in the cultural field under the impact from fashion, giving the community a fresher way to express their styles.

The innovations behind Macbeth’s signature designs

The shoes from Macbeth are prefect representation of street style meets urban wear. They have also been actively involved in collaborations with artists, athletes and musicians like Green Day, Switchfoot and Bring Me The Horizon to create a perfect culture blend of items for everyday people like you and me.

Taking the shoe game to the next level, Macbeth has a range of vegan shoes. That’s right, this means they have footwear options which are 100% free of animal product. Get ready for versatile pieces such as socks, beanies, wallets, t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers that will update your style profile instantly.

Macbeth also has a series called The Macbeth Studio Project. This is a customized footwear program developed with the Macbeth Family of Artists. The result is a line of exclusive footwear that is a reflection of the artist’s personality and individual creative genius.

Top Macbeth products in Malaysia

Macbeth has its unique touch on almost every fashion item including footwear, apparel and other accessories. To make the most of your urban style, check out these wonderful designs from Macbeth!

Macbeth Graphic Tees

When it comes to street style, there’s nothing that offers the casual look as quintessential as Macbeth’s graphic tees. These collections come in various printed designs and patterns that match with different characters. You can freely dress up or down with any simple and versatile t-shirt from Macbeth. Some of the best-selling designs are “Macbeth or death” black tee, Cali SS Tee in heather grey, Geo Skull SS tee, Markey SS tee among others.

Those who prefer a simple and sporty look, Macbeth tees are the best choice! The material absorbs moisture effectively to reduce sweat to keep you clean and hygiene. Furthermore, it is extra long lasting so that you don’t have to worry about any damages when washing in the machine. Pair the t-shirt with a pair of jeans and Macbeth shoes for the classic street style!

Macbeth Shoes

Footwear is the most famous clothing line of Macbeth. You can style Macbeth sneakers with almost anything and still look effortlessly wonderful! From casual outing to exercising, Macbeth shoes are designed for anyone! The nicest thing about Macbeth shoes is their perfect choice of colours. Hence, a pair of Macbeth shoes standout on its own without any extravagant fashion pieces. You can walk in them and feel instantly awesome as they are!

The shoes are made of durable materials like rubber, PU, PVC and artificial leather that bring to the wearers the ultimate comfort. On top of high quality, Macbeth shoes are the real deal in the world of footwear for men. They can’t seem to ever run out of style! If you are looking to invest in a pair of shoes that are both functional and stylish, Macbeth is undoubtedly the best choice!

Macbeth’s shoes best collections:


Designed for the true fashionista – Macbeth Adams feature striking colours and patterns on their designs, even the simple white Adams look effortlessly sophisticated with the special leather embellishment.


If you are a man of colours matching, this collection is designed especially for you. Every pair of Macbeth Eliot is the brilliant choice of 2 colours combined. With the emphasise on the Vegan logo on the sides, these shoes are definitely the best adornment to your daily outfit.


Feature more detailed designs, Macbeth Fisher brings to the fans the wonderful sneakers for sports in stylish forms and unbeatable quality. They are also featured with cushion for comfort in every movement.


Macbeth McQueen is the collection for the fashion followers who desire for only the best in designs to express their sense of style. These slip-ons sneakers make the best embellishment on any guy’s outfit.

With plenty of Macbeth collections, it’s the best time to hunt for your next outfit ideas on iprice. Collect your favourite designs and run wild with your creativity to dress up your way with Macbeth!