The Hollywood women of the 20’s through the 50’s got one thing right: their looks stay forever iconic and their legacy always remembered. One can easily emulate the timeless makeup look from this era from the products from MAC Malaysia. Read more about how to achieve that by clicking here.

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How to Recreate Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup Look with MAC Malaysia

Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, all had one thing in common. Their personal styles and looks inspire women everywhere even up to this day. Wearing this distinctive vintage look to any events will surely make you one of the classiest guest of the evening.

Catered to both professional and non-professional makeup artists, MAC Malaysia offers affordable makeup products that are highly revered in the cosmetics world. From amazing skin care line to effective brushes, you can find almost anything with MAC Cosmetics. With MAC best-selling makeup products, this old Hollywood Glamour makeup recreation will be a total breeze.

Building the Perfect Base

The most important thing when putting any style of makeup is to properly prep your skin Fortunately, one of MAC Cosmetics’ best=selling product happens to be the Prep+ Prime collection. The Prep + Prime product line is formulated to clarify, elongate, and improve the performance of your makeup by smoothing the skin and eliminating imperfection.

After prepping the skin with the MAC primer, you can now move on to foundation. If you’re trying to emulate this look for an event in the evening, it’s best to use a full-coverage, long-lasting foundation. Choose between the MAC Studio foundation, its products designed for professional uses, or the MAC Pro Longwear foundation that can last up to 15 hours. Use a MAC concealer to cover up any blemishes and finish it with a MAC Cosmetics setting powder. You can choose to contour after this step to achieve the sharp and cutting cheekbones look of the old Hollywood starlets. Don’t forget to add a rosy blush for a little bit of color.

Arched Brows and Flicked Liner

Compared to the millennials’ way of dramatizing their eye makeup, the old Hollywood glamoureye makeup is much simpler. The starlets would have thin, arched brows and neutral shadows and then finished with a dramatic cat eye. To emulate that, try using the MAC Eye Shadow x 9: Burgundy Times Nine Palette. The palette features burgundy hues along with neutral brown and tan shades. Remember to always apply the darker shades along the outer creases.

For the brows, follow the natural outline and fill the brows in before adding an arch. Do so by You can use the MAC Great Brows all-in-one kit to help ease this process. Finally, the flicked liner or the dramatic cat eye. It’s similar to today’s cat eye trend but the line is more thin and subtle. Use the MAC brush stroke liner, equipped with the precision brush and finish it with a coat of the MAC Pro Beyond Twisted Lash.

Hollywood Starlets’ Bold Lips

Although each decade has their own distinctive styles and techniques when it comes to makeup, one thing remained generally the same for many Hollywood starlets in the 20’s through the 50’s. Many women, including the legendary stars mentioned above, would often wear a bold and striking red lipstick. Perhaps this is so that their lips would stand out in the then black and white movies. To recreate this look, you need to prepare three things: a lip liner to make a neat outline, a matte or long-lasting lipstick, and a type of gloss for shine.

For the liner, use a MAC lip pencil that can guarantee you a long period of wear. It is recommended to use the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil especially if you’re planning to dine out. Then, add your bold red lipstick. MAC Cosmetics is known for its iconic Ruby Woo Lipstick, a bright red with pink undertones and with a matte finish. Matte lipsticks work best if you’re looking for a lipstick with a high staying power and need minimal re-appliance. You can either leave it matte as it is or add the gloss for a shiny effect. Make sure to prime your lip with the MAC Prep + Prime Lip before applying anything.

Use the Right Tools

This whole process will be made so much easier if you use some MAC brushes. Designed for professional makeup artists, MAC brushes are divided into three categories: face, eyes, and lips. To build that perfect base, use one of the foundation brushes like the MAC 197 SH Duo Fibre Square Brush. For the arched brows and flicked liner, opt for the MAC 266SH Small Angle Brush for extra precision. Lastly, for that bold red lips, go for the MAC 316 Lip Brush or the 318 Retractable Lip Brush. Remember to always clean your brushes using the MAC Brush Cleanser.