Looking for a watch that could bring out the soldier in you? Look no further! Luminox line of watches are especially designed for that intense outdoor experience that could withstand even the toughest weather. Get it if you want a watch that will outlive you!


Luminox Watches Malaysia

About Luminox

Luminox is a watch brand that is very well known for their tritium inserts which gives off a very bright luminous glow to the watches in the dark. Luminox's watches are very heavy duty and resistant to extreme environments – which are the properties that are usually required and requested by the Navy, military and other ruggedized professions.

Because of their rugged designs and features such as water and dust resistance, many military groups request special custom versions of the watches for their own groups and tasks forces such as the US Air Forcee, US Coast Guard, and the US Navy SEALs. Other emergency response teams worldwide also wield the rugged Luminox watches for their daily tasks.

Luminox Watches "always-visible technology"

All Luminox watches have tritium that is inset into the watch hands and markers. The tritium gives the watches long-term luminescence, much different compared to the phosphorescent markers in other watches that must be charged from a light source before giving a glow. Luminox watches are so well engineered that their tritium markers are truly always visible, even in the day time – emitting a very faint and soft glow throughout the day. Their watches glow very brightly during the night, as if powered by electronic LEDs. This gives their watches their iconic glow and look which stands out far from the others.

Luminox Watches models

There are three different lines of Luminox watches, each one labeled after the many different fields of combat and professions: "Sea", "Air", "Land", "Recon", "Field", ad "Space".

The "Sea" line of watches is basically what started making Luminox famous. The Navy SEALs were looking for a dependable wrist watch that is suitable for night missions, and Luminox was discovered to have the perfect set of features and build for their needs.

The "Air" line of watches started when Luminox was approached by US Air Force pilots who were piloting the F-117 Nighthawk fighter jet wanted a reliable watch as well. This gave birth to a whole slew of watches by Luminox, including exclusive timepieces that are made in homage to many different aircrafts and their manufactures such as Lockheed Martin. The timepiece models which are named after aircrafts inlcude the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, and the Limited Edition SR-71 Blackbird.

Their "Land" timepieces collection, on the other hand, are made for the professionals in military and law enforcements, as well as in motor sports. The "Recon" line, on the other hand are made to meet military personnel requirements for analog watches which also doubles as simple navigation tools with the inclusion of features like compasses. The "Field" line of watches are more vintage styled and rugged with modern day functionality and features. Along with mankind's advancement into space exploration and travel, Luminox has also kept up with the needs of astronauts and space-passengers with their signature "Space" line of watches. These watches are designed with the inputs from test pilots and astronauts.

Luminox timepieces may have started being famous because of their professional use watches, but that does not mean that they are not suitable for more common users like us – in fact, it will probably last us past our lifetime.