Looking for a watch that could bring out the soldier in you? Look no further! Luminox line of watches are especially designed for that intense outdoor experience that could withstand even the toughest weather. Click here to find one now!

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Heavy duty and resistant to extreme environments - properties that US navy military and professionals are looking for in a watch. Luminox is brand that's highly trusted and looked up to when it comes to this type of market. It's been a brand of choice by individuals whose profession calls for a lot of heavy grinding and hardcore adrenaline rush.

Luminox is the brand that takes durability and precision to the next level, paired with rugged yet trendy designs. Their watches are water and shock resistant, equipped with salient and high tech features. One of its well-known and stand out features is the special illumination system embellished on every one of their watches; allowing its users to keep track of the time as it moves, even in complete darkness.

Luminox is one of the companies whose niche is focused greatly on creating heavy duty watches, integrating technology that perfectly gears its users for the outdoors. Aside from that, they have many collections that sport different style. Some of its well-known collection of watches are the following:

  • Twist
  • Navy Seal
  • Night View
  • Valhoux Field
  • Field Day Date

It’s very evident from the names of these collections that they are made for intensive exposure to extreme temperatures or pressure. If you are a man on a mission, these Luminox watches are perfect for you. Superiority, Durability and Precision, all in one timepiece from Luminox.

About Luminox

Barry Cohen who has great experience in the watch industry learned about the Swiss self-powered illumination system. He realised that this feature can make watches to be more visible and could be read easily with less or no light. Luminox was later founded in 1989 as Berry Cohen partnered with his friend Richard Timbo. Luminox which is a derived from Latin word “Lumi” and “Nox” mean “light” and “night” respectively. These watched are created solely for one purpose; created to meet the deman for high-performance sports watched with cutting edge style, luminescence and readability.

Luminox Watch Collection

  • Luminox Sea – Luminox Navy SEAL watch from the Luminox Sea Collection is the ultimate Luminox watch that marked the success of Luminox. Nick North who was an officer for the Navy SEALS was assigned to find a highly durable and dependable watch for night missions in 1993. He finally stumbled upon the Luminox Watch system. Knowing that Luminox would be perfect, he collaborated with Cohen to come up with a watch specially made to fit the requirements of the Navy Seals. Since then it has become the ultimate choice for professionals like Scuba divers, US Coast Guard and law enforcement divers. The Luminox Light Technology (LLT) makes sure that all its watches could be easily and immediately read.
  • Luminox Air – After the remarkable success of Luminox Navy SEAL watch collection, the US Air Force pilots approached Luminox to help them create a collection for their sky high life. Luminox collaborated with Lockheed Martin and came up with amazing Lockheed Martin timepieces. The Luminox Air Series was inspired by the famous aircraft strategy known in the aviation history. Some of the hardcore timepieces from Luminox Air Series which was produced under the license with Lockheed Martin are F-117 Nighthawk, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, the vintage inspired P-38 Lightning and the Limited Edition SR-71 Blackbird
  • Luminox Land – If you are a professional in the military, law enforcement or even motor sports, this Luminox Land Collection is your perfect choice. The timepieces from RECON series which was a result of the collaboration between Luminox and former Swiss Army Military, Andrea Micheli, this analogue watches answers the demands for simple and efficient navigations tools on land. Luminox also added a new touch into the traditional field watch market with its Atacama Field Series that promoted hard-core and rugged appeal and functionality.
  • Luminox Space – The timepieces from Luminox Space Series are perfect for your adventures in space. The birth of this collection happened when XCOR Aerospace partnered with Luminox to design a space watch that screams toughness, highly visible in all light condition, and durability.

How To Pick The Right Watch

  • Before you purchase a watch make sure you know what the purpose of the watch is. Luminox caters to all sorts of elements such as air, water, land and space. Each series from Luminox fulfil specific demands thus it is your responsibility to know what you are looking and where to look for it.
  • When you buy a watch, you need to set a budget prior to that. When you are on a watch shopping, you can be easily deviated from your original budget as you may be tempted to own a more expensive watch than you can afford. Thus, planing a budget and sticking firm to it is the only solution to end us with a good watch without burning a huge hole in your pocket.
  • One thing that you should always remember when you are picking a watch is comfort over style. You have to ensure that the size, strap and the material of the watch give you a comfortable feeling. However with Luminox timepieces, you don’t have the need to be torn between comfort and style because Luminox timepieces are the fusion of both.
  • Before you pay for your watch, is it super important to know that the watch you picked is your own choice and it complements your style. A watch usually represents your personal style hence ensure that your Luminox watch defines your style and personality.

Buy Luminox Now

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