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Ludeya 6D Lifting Power Infusingcream 50g
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[Contents] – 50g [Main Function] – Moisturizing, remove dullness, whitening, anti-aging, refine wrinkle, firming, nourishing and repairing, improve skin tone, sensitive skin. [Main Ingredients] – Premium amber essence, rhizome extract, maritime pine bark extract, allantoin [Suitable Skin Type] – Normal skin [Directions to use] – 1st step: After removing make up and cleansing face, dispense a proper amount of essence. 2nd step: Apply gently with fingertips until fully absorbed. [Shelf time] - 3 years [Origin] - Taiwan [Caution]- Avoid from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If skin irritation or rash occurs, stop immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use it on wounded/ affected skin. Please perform allergy/sensitive test before use. If there is any abnormal, itching, redness or swelling do not apply this product. 【规格】 - 50g 【主要功效】 - 保濕, 消除暗沉, 亮白, 抗老, 撫紋抗皺, 緊實, 滋潤修護, 改善膚色, 敏感肌膚 【主要成分】 - 顶级琥珀精粹,白茅根提取物,海岸松树皮提取物,尿囊素 【适用肌肤】 - 一般肤质 【使用方式】 - 第一步骤:脸部卸妆清洁后,先使用6D超紧緻立体环绕微臻精华。 第二步骤:取适量6D超紧緻立体环绕微臻精华霜,用指尖轻轻涂抹,直到完全吸 收完为止即可。 【保存期限】 - 3年 【原产地】 - 台湾 【注意事项】 - 建议将此商品放置于阴凉处,勿直接照射阳光。请置于婴幼儿无法取得处以避免误食;使用后如有任何不适或持续红肿现象,应立即停止使用并洽询专业医师;皮肤有受伤、红肿现象时不建议使用;皮肤敏感者,使用前请先做皮肤局部敏感性测试,无刺激反应方可使用 #Ludeya #6DLifting #PowerInfusingcream #cream #Taiwan #TaiwanLudeya #台湾 #精华霜 #保湿 #紧实 #消除暗沉 #亮白 #美白 #抗老 #撫紋抗皺 #滋潤修護 #改善肤色

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Ludeya Aqua Balance Hydrating Cleanser 150ml
RM 14.90 RM 39.90

※ Expired Date : 08-12-2019 Buy RM30 FREE Shipping!!! [Contents] –150ml / bottle [Function] –Remove makeup and dirt gently, moisturizing and clarifying skin, prevent skin dryness, relieve skin discomfort and uneven skin tone. Leave skin bright and smooth. [Main Ingredients] - Hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, MOIST ™ 24 moisturizing factor, Subliskin ™ patented water retention factor, Aqualance ™ patented lock water factor, nerve amide [Suitable Skin Type] - All skin types [Directions to use] –Dispense a proper amount on palm, apply evenly on face, avoid eyes area. Massage gently with fingertips until completely clean. Rinse thoroughly. Excessive oily skin may cleanse again with cleanser. [Shelf time] - 3 years [origin] - Taiwan [Caution] - Avoid from sunlight. Please use this product as soon as possible once unseal. For external use. If discomfort, discontinue use and consult doctor. Do not use on injured or rash skin. Prolonged contact with skin may cause allergic dermatitis, avoid contact with mucosal areas. The adjunction in this product accords with EU regulations, please use in ease. 【规格】 - 150ml/罐 【主要功效】-溫和卸除肌膚髒污及彩妝,保濕調理肌膚,防止肌膚乾燥,能減緩肌膚不適。亮麗均勻膚色,使肌膚常保明亮光滑。 【主要成分】-玻尿酸,維生素B3,MOIST™ 24 保濕因子,Subliskin™專利保水因子, Aqualance™專利鎖水因子, 神經醯胺 【适用肌肤】-適用各種膚質。 【使用方式】-晚間取適量的卸妝潔顏露於手心,避開眼睛,均勻塗抹於臉部肌膚,並 用指腹輕輕按摩,直到彩妝完整卸除為止,之後可直接用清水沖洗乾淨,不需要再洗臉, 過度出油的肌膚則可以考慮再用洗面乳清洗一次。 【保存期限】 - 3年 【原产地】- 台湾 【注意事项】 - 避免高溫和陽光直射,開封後請儘速使用.僅供外用,若有不適,請立即停用並咨訊醫生。請避免使用於傷口、紅腫及濕疹等皮膚異常部位。長期與皮膚接觸可能造成過敏性皮膚炎,避免接觸粘膜部位。本產品添加量符合歐盟法規,請安心使用。 #Ludeya #cleanser #aque #hydrating #保湿 #洗脸霜 #moisturizing

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