LUCKY TRENDY onjak Face Massage Puff 1 pc Brand from Japan: Lucky Trendy. While gently massaging, smoothly remove dirt and old skin cells. Dust dirty made from: By freezing the Konjak and repeating the drying operation, only the fiber called glucomannan remains sponge-like. Its excellent water retention capacity and fine fiber have been used for baby's bathing for a long time in order to gently work on delicate skin. Facial cleanser without skin wash effect: Weak alkaline sponge is neutralizing and decomposing weakly acidic substances, which are dirt on the skin, so it is refreshing feeling even without facial cleanser. Also, fibers containing water will remove only dirt without damaging the skin texture. Of course you can use it even with a cleanser, choose according to the condition of your skin. Massage while relaxing in the bathtub: Massage that you can feel the feeling of sponge. Massage gently so as to draw a circle while entering a bathtub. By using the pores in an opened state, dirt and square plugs tend to fall smoothly. Be careful especially when you get rough skin. You can feel a change in the feeling of slack. Before you use: This product contains purified water containing antimicrobial agent. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water before use. After use, drain off, keep in the shade in a dry place avoiding direct sunlight in the shade. This product has a string attached. Or put it in a plastic bag, keep it in the refrigerator. It hardens when dried, but softens when it is immersed in water. You can use it for 2 to 3 months. RM 43.16

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LUCKY TRENDY Makeup Accessories Malaysia

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