Fashion is passion regardless of your race or religion. Creating a common ground for faith and fashion, Lubna Malaysia brings you the hottest fashion finds in the country. Check out the best Lubna clothing in the Malaysia or read more about the brand below.


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Lubna Clothing Malaysia - The Latest in Muslimah Fashion

In fashion, showing more skin isn't always the answer. While crop tops, mini-skirts, and short shorts have always been in trend, you can show off your fashion taste without showing skin. With Lubna clothing fashion isn't always what you show but your personality.

Lubna clothing specializes in women's Muslimah fashion featuring clothing exuding with style and elegance of a true Muslim woman. The brand is known for its extra-vibrant colors, patterns, and textures that embody modesty and demure characteristic of a Muslim woman. Here are some garments that you should check out from Lubna Malaysia:

Lubna Pants

Lubna features a great selection of pants that are both comfortable and stylish. What makes their pants unique is the use of folds and natural drapes combined with solid colors and patterns. Pair it with a shirt or a cardigan, you can never go wrong with Lubna pants.

Lubna Shirts

As part of their clothing collection, Lubna Malaysia also has a great array of shirts. Featuring long sleeves and loose silhouettes, Lubna shirts are perfect for your everyday needs.

Lubna Skirts

Maxi skirts are now making a comeback in today's everyday fashion. Even if you're not Muslim, you can still wear Lubna's exciting collections of skirts. Ranging in a variety of patterns and fabrics, Lubna skirts extend until the ankle and covering your legs for that demure and feminine appeal.

Lubna Cardigans

Perfect for the cold weather and providing your arms with coverage, Lubna also has a great selection of cardigans that you can check out. What is great about these cardigans is that it's made of breathable fabric that you can wear on any season and not just the cold weather.

Lubna Traditional Clothing

Apart from the brand's conventional clothing collections, Lubna Malaysia also boasts an array of traditional clothing for women. Lubna has a great selection of Baju Kurung with a modern twist to fabric, patterns and overall design. Great for semi-formal and formal events, Lubna Baju Kurung is certainly a fashion-forward take on a traditional Malay dress.

How to Create a Unique Look with Lubna Clothing

Wearing a hijab or dressing modestly is not a hindrance to wear fashionable clothes, in fact, it makes it even more exciting! If you are looking into creating a look with Lubna clothing, here are some great style tips to make the perfect #OOTD:

  1. The first tip when choosing an outfit is to match colors. Matching colors doesn't always mean you have to match all your garments in one color, it is about finding the right complementary color for your outfit. You can refer to the color wheel, an ombre, or even patterns and textures of your accessories! This is the perfect opportunity to match your hijab with the color of your outfit!
  2. While Muslimah fashion restricts wearing too much jewellery, you can still accessorize modestly. Match your accessories according to texture and color of your bag, shoes, or hijab!
  3. The best tip for wearing Muslimah fashion is to be confident! It doesn't mean you're showing less skin that you are not following fashion trends!

Providing you with an opportunity to look fabulous, Lubna clothing gives you an array of garments for Muslim women across the country!