If you're looking for a bag to carry all your camera gear, look no further! Lowepro has been the industry leader and innovative camera bag designs since its inception and it is still making waves with its excellent range of bags today. Find out more about Lowepro in Malaysia by clicking here.

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Lowepro Malaysia: Revolutionising the Camera Bag Since 1967

In the 1960s, carrying photography gear out of doors were a hazard. Already clunky on its own, camera equipment would jostle around in bags, adding weight and burden so that only the hardiest and most stubborn of photographers would carry their cameras when they went into nature. Colorado brothers - Mike, Greg, and Jeff Lowe - were such people. They climbed, skied, and loved to take photographs of beautiful scenery only viewable off the beaten path. With the aim of making it easier to carry imaging equipment into the wild, the brothers founded Lowepro in 1967 after Greg devised a new type of bag that would change the way people kept their cameras forever.

Innovative, Game-changing Designs

What Greg Lowe created in 1967 was the world’s first internal-frame backpack. Greg designed the backpack to fit close to the wearer’s back, thus minimising load shifting and allowing the wearer to pursue strenuous activity with greater ease. In 1972, Lowepro then introduced the first camera bag with protective, foam-padded sides to protect the equipment from bounces, abrasion and moisture. It was designed with photographers and cinematographers in mind; something which they appreciated if the number of industry professionals using Lowepro today is anything to go by. But Lowepro did not stop there. In 1977, they introduced lightweight, durable plastic buckles to their camera bags, no doubt inspired by their function in traditional backpacking and camping gear. And then in 1992, Lowepro unveiled the first pack with a built-in raincoat to protect equipment from rain, snow, dust and sand. From the very beginning, Lowepro has innovated new and better ways with which to improve the photographer’s portable experience with their equipment, and that hasn’t stopped. The first waterproof camera backpack entered the market in 2002 and was also the brainchild of Lowepro, as was the now famous SlingShot bag, which allows the photographer easy side access to the camera. It was also Lowepro that pioneered a new harness design for backpacks, called ActivLift, that provides additional support to the wearer’s shoulders and lumbar. Whatever Lowepro has introduced first, other companies are quick to follow. With Lowepro, there is a high assurance that fresh designs and user experience come first.

What type of Lowepro bag should you bring your on next adventure?

There are plenty of Lowepro bags out on the market, designed for each and every photographing storyteller whether he or she is an adventurer, traveller, athlete, musician, wildlife photographer or an editorial one. All Lowepro bags are tailored to fit a specific purpose so read on to find out which Lowepro backpack you would be happiest with.

Camera Backpack

Photographers invest in a camera backpack that can carry and give them easy access to all their gear while they are out and about. Lowepro backpacks typically come with enough storage to keep a camera, its accessories, as well as a laptop for those who wish to view and edit their photos on the go. Having said that, Lowepro’s extensive range of backpacks include additional features that are tailored whether your next photography trip is out on the city streets, in the wild outdoors, or on a leisurely holiday across the borders. Depending on the activity planned for the aforementioned trip, you have the option of a Lowepro sling bag, a messenger bag, or a rolling camera bag to help you on your excursion.

Travel Bag

Lowepro has designed three bag series for the intrepid traveller. The first of these is the HighLine collection which suits those who frequent the outdoors in search of unbeaten paths. HighLine travel bags are durable, lightweight, and designed to withstand most weather conditions so your kit remains safe and dry even as storm clouds swirl above your head. If you would like something for everyday use, the RidgeLine series is for you. RidgeLine bags solves the problems of insufficient pocket by having enough compartments for even the most avid of tech-junkies. Built with Lowepro’s signature ergonomically contoured shoulder straps, the RidgeLine is an indispensable backpack for those with a lot to carry. And last but not least is the StreetLine, designed for those who are always in a hurry towards the urban centre. StreetLine bags offer sufficient protection to your gear even as you wade through crowds and public transportation, all the while looking stylish with a pared down, modern design inspired by minimalism. The Lowepro StreetLine bag lets you have all your latest gadgets with you without ruining your outfit.

Drone case

A drone case is handy for those who have a stake in the booming interest in aerial photography. More and more drones and quadcopters are made available to the commercial market at an affordable price range for the purposes of high-difficulty and bird’s-eye-view shots. Unfortunately, multi-rotor UAVs notoriously comes with a lot of delicate and finicky bits. It will not matter if you have the best drone in the market if it gets damaged during transportation. That is where Lowepro drone cases come in. Using the innovative designs that already worked in camera carrier bags, Lowepro has designed a range of bags specifically to store and carry drones. Notable among these designs are the DroneGuard BP 450 AW, so called the premium backpack for drones and the DroneGuard Case.

Lowepro Malaysia - The Gear of Professionals

Lowepro camera bags are the go-to option for many industry professionals from wedding photographers to those working in advertising and sports photography. These are individuals who rely on their camera to do their jobs, therefore only the best casing would do for their equipment. With a Lowepro bag, you can minimise worries about transporting your equipment and just enjoy the experience of telling your story through your photographs. If you’ve got a good camera and want to keep it safe in one piece, a Lowepro bag is always a good investment.