Staying true to their slogan “Created for real women by real women”, Love Bonito Malaysia empowers confidence through educating women to dress well and right. This local apparel brand is popular among women for its wide selection of beautiful pieces at an affordable price. Scroll below to learn more about Love Bonito Malaysia.

When was Love Bonito founded? | Is Love Bonito fast fashion?

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Why you should shop at Love Bonito Malaysia?

Over the last 7 years, Love Bonito has grown into one of the largest homegrown fashion brands in Singapore. Currently, they have a team of 80 and have a strong local and retail presence across various Southeast Asian countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia. On top of that, Love Bonito ships internationally from their HQ as their mission is to share their dream with women all across the world. Even with the constant uprising of new and trendy online blogshops, Love Bonito has managed to hold their position in the market. Here are the reasons you should shop at Love Bonito Malaysia.

Designs and Manufactures Exclusively for the Consumers

If you shop at popular clothing brands such as H&M, Forever 21, and Cotton On, chances are you’ll bump into another person wearing the same clothes as you. Some people like having their own sense of fashion. Thankfully, Love Bonito designs and manufactures exclusively for their consumers as well as according to their customer’s preferences. On top of that, the brand limits the number of clothes per design. So, if you like any of the clothes you see on Love Bonito Malaysia, better grab them before they run out!

Vast Range of Apparel

No matter if you’re a student or working adult, Love Bonito carries clothing suited to many women. The designs are timeless and sophisticated as they seldom follow weird trends in the fashion industry. Their clothing is also ideal for many occasions, depending on how you accessorise the outfit. They also cover a range of styles from formal to casuals as well as basics. Also, they regularly launch new collections during seasons or special occasions. Any women who shop at Love Bonito is able to find a piece that they fancy.


Compared to the clothing’s that you get from brick-and-mortar stores, Love Bonito offers quality products with an affordable price tag for working adults. It might be slightly pricier for students, but given the quality of the goods and the workmanship, it is still money well spent.

Many Sizes Available

Love Bonito has taken into consideration that women come in different shapes and sizes. More Malaysians really need to get used to the notion that there are different body shapes when it comes to beauty. Thus, they put in an effort to create different sizes for each of their pieces. You seldom come across online boutiques that cater to sizes XS to L for one single design. Many consumers have commented that the clothing is stretchy and comfortable to put on as most of them are sewn with elastic bands. Another aspect would be the consistency of their measurements as it is important for ladies who want to ensure that the clothes are of good and of flattering fit.

When was Love Bonito founded?

Love Bonito was founded in 2006 by childhood friends Rachel Lim, Viola Tan, and Velda Tan. It began as BonitoChico, a fashion blog and shop on Livejournal. In 2010, BonitoChico was rebranded as Love Bonito and operated as a retail boutique instead of a blogshop.

Is Love Bonito fast fashion?

Yes, Love Bonito is considered fast fashion. However, Love Bonito is a homegrown brand that caters to young adults and those with limited buying power.