Lotto is a proud Italian sportswear brand that earns a special spot among sportsmen and professional athletes for the quality of its products. If you want to improve your game, then Lotto is the brand for you. Read more about the products offered by Lotto Malaysia and the technologies that are used to enhance these products below.


Improve Your Performance on the Field with Lotto Malaysia

Earning a special spot amongst sportsmen and athletes over the generations, Lotto is a trustworthy brand when it comes to sports. Its wide array of sportswear and accessories can be found in more than 100 countries worldwide. Since 1973, the brand’s products have been characterised by a combination of a passion for sports and Italian design.

Be it football, tennis, running, fitness, or others, Lotto enables you to enjoy your favourite sports activity with its collection of footwear, accessories, and technical clothing. The Lotto brand name is also synonymous in the sports world with technological research and design innovation. Thanks to the unique technology developed and refined by Lotto, its sportswear are designed to be stylish, durable, comfortable, ergonomic and flexible.

Incredible Products Offered by Lotto Malaysia

Producing various sportswear with authentic Italian styles, Lotto is here to make your sporting experience truly enjoyable. Whoever says that you cannot be fashionable while playing sports most probably have not come across Lotto. Fall in love with the newest collection of trendy and fashionable Lotto shoes, sneakers and more! Lotto is not just about sports, it is also about sporting stylish sportswear while enjoying your favourite products. Notable products offered by Lotto Malaysia include:

Lotto Shoes & Sneakers

Combing the power of comfort, flexibility, durability and performance into a single potent package, Lotto shoes ensure your feet to be fully covered and supported for maximum performance and comfort. The shoes are equipped with technologies to reduce the impact with the ground. From Lotto shoes to sneakers, all of them are imbued with awesome features that inspire you to achieve higher feats and goals in sports. The shoes and sneakers are made from breathable material that effectively absorbs and removes sweat. Men, women, and children can all benefit from these shoes and sneakers.


Lotto has numerous collections that are perfect for the most passionate sports enthusiasts. These collections are designed to suit specific needs of the wearer. There are generally five collections offered by Lotto Malaysia – Performance, Lifes, Legend, Works, and Aequiter.

The Performance Collection are for individuals that want ultimate performance in the sports that are involved in. The Lifes Collection are all-rounded footwear that can be worn for both intensive or casual uses. If you are looking for a pair of safety footwear that can provide extra protection and durability that is also stylish enough for you to wear to work, then a pair from the Works Collection is what you need. The Aequiter Collection is designed for those experiencing temporary or ongoing injuries or illnesses. Lastly, the Legend Collection are timeless icons that are inspired by the 70s and 80s that combines retro style with contemporary designs.


The right accessories play a big role to ensure that you can enjoy your favourite sports. Lotto ensures that you are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide a more wholesome sporting experience. Lotto provides a wide selection of accessories such as sports bags, jerseys, clothes, and socks for its users to complement their favourite sports.

Exceeding Your Limitations with Lotto Malaysia’s Design and Technology

With its distinctive flair in designing incredible sportswear, Lotto is not afraid to push the limits of its designs so that customers can enjoy Lotto products and use them to perform better and faster in their favourite sporting activities. Lotto is proud to be a part of your action, performance, and game plan from start to finish. With its products that are enhanced with advanced technologies that combines practicality and modern creativity, Lotto plays a central role in bringing the best out of every athlete. Amongst the technologies offered by Lotto are:


Found in a range of Lotto’s soccer, tennis, and running shoes, this technology is designed to provide better energy return, impact protection, and stability to the wearer. Basically, the ReactiveArch is a dynamic rubber outsole with a concave form. It is constructed to reduce the pressure of each step taken and return the energy to the direction you are moving. Moreover, ReactiveArch also provides a fast and efficient elastic return of the forefoot, which allows for quick and powerful movements.

Adapto Memory Foam

The new Adapto Memory Foam insole is designed with a material that adapts to the foot. The insole effectively absorbs impact and supports the sole, enhancing the comfort felt by the wearers for all types of activity, be it sports or otherwise.


Enerturn is a cutting-edge shock absorption system present in some of the materials used to create Lotto’s products. Enerturn disperses the negative forces of impact and channels the accumulated energy back to the player.