Lorenzo is one of the largest furniture manufacturers of lifestyle furniture in the region. Lorenzo Malaysia has a wide selection of furniture for you to furnish your home with so that you can build your dream home. Read more about Lorenzo Malaysia's furniture below.


Lorenzo Malaysia – Types of Furniture from Lorenzo Malaysia

Lorenzo Malaysia’s inventory encompasses furniture of varied types, sizes, and colours to match the internal décor of your home. Lorenzo Malaysia’s library of products is divided into four main categories, which are sofas, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and cabinets.


One of the key products that enabled Lorenzo Malaysia to build a name for themselves among interior designers and home improvement experts in Malaysia is sofas. Lorenzo Malaysia wholly manufactures every single part of their sofas at their own facilities to ensure that the highest quality and standards are met. The wooden structure of Lorenzo’s wooden sofas is made of durable hardwood so that it can sustain the weight of the sofa and the people sitting on them. The cushion inside every Lorenzo sofa is made of patented high-resilient foam (HR foam), which has superior physical properties such as tensile and compression strengths.

Lorenzo Malaysia’s sofas feature a modern design that can make every living room look elegant and contemporary. The lines and details are beautifully crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the sofas. Moreover, they are available in earthy and base colours such as black, grey, and khaki – colours that can fit the interior décor of any living room easily.

Living Room Furnishings

Lorenzo Malaysia also produces elegant coffee tables, TV consoles and end tables to complement your sofas and to provide extra storage space in the living room. To make them longer-lasting, these furnishings that are primarily made of wood are cured to prevent white ant infestation and deterioration due to weather changes. The refined wooden finish also enables you to match your sofas and other furnishings perfectly.

Some of Lorenzo Malaysia’s coffee tables, such as the Stefano Coffee Table and Stefano End Table feature tempered-glass tops that add to the aesthetic sensibility of the furniture. Tempered glass are six to eight times stronger than ordinary glass and does not shatter into sharp shards when broken, making them safer to be placed in homes with young children and the elderly.

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is one of the main areas of the entire house, as it is the area where friends and family gather and have meals together. Lorenzo provides a variety of dining room furniture for you to decorate your dining area. The dining sets are beautifully crafted to fit the interior of any dining room. With Lorenzo Malaysia’s dining sets, fine dining can also be enjoyed at home with their delicately-built dining tables and chairs.

Lorenzo Malaysia’s Stefano Dining Table Set has offers a large glass-topped surface that can comfortably fit up to six to eight people – plenty of space for a small reunion for loved ones. The dining set is made of stained oak wood finish which can effortlessly complement any modern house. Whereas the Caccia Dining table set features a round table with a tempered glass surface that can fit 4-6 people. Its pedestal base is made of solid oak wood, delivering both class and stability.


Certain areas in the house such as the kitchen and bedroom can become quite messy with the number of things that they house. Hence, cabinets are a good way to add extra space to store these things and ensure a tidier bedroom or kitchen. Lorenzo Malaysia’s cabinet designs also sport a modern look that will make your homes look effortlessly classy.

How to Maintain Lorenzo Malaysia’s Furniture

Besides producing top-quality furniture, Lorenzo Malaysia also offers its customers a simple guide on how to take care and maintain the furniture to ensure that they last longer. Below are some tips offered by Lorenzo Malaysia on how to take care of your leather sofas, which can be used for all other leather products as well:

  • Leather sofas should be dusted with a clean, dry cloth periodically to maintain its lustrous shine.
  • Abrasive cleaners – those containing ammonia and acids should not be used be used to clean leather sofas. Instead, a mild mixture of water and neutral soap is sufficient.
  • Leather sofas should be placed at least 12 inches from heat sources and at locations that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Lorenzo Malaysia - Your Lifestyle Furniture Provider

Lorenzo is a well-known furniture retailer who designs, manufactures, assembles, and distributes their own lifestyle furniture. The furniture that they produce feature timeless and modern designs that remain trendy across time. The contemporary design aesthetics appeals to most young Malaysian families, hence making Lorenzo one of the top furniture providers within this demographic group.

Decorating your homes to suit your personal taste is much easier thanks to Lorenzo’s varied array of furniture. From stylish and comfortable sofas to adorn your living room with, to kitchen cabinets for you to place your utensils and kitchenware in, Lorenzo has everything you need to create your perfect living space.