Having the flawless – Ariel like hair style is every girl’s goal. As going for saloon may cost you a fortune, dying your hair at home seems to be the best way to refresh your style. And L’Oreal is the ultimate brand to trust when it comes to shopping for a new hair color product.


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Discover the new You with L’Oreal hair color

One of the most notable ways to makeover your style is by changing your hair color. You probably have already known that the first impression of someone, more often than not, comes from the glance of his or her hair. It is without doubt that having a vibrant or unique hair colour is the key to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from the rest in terms of style.

Discover the different sides of you with L’Oreal hair colours collection – the world of charming rainbow colours and magic. L’Oreal believes that dying hair is not only about changing style, it’s about discovering yourself and shine through it. The products from L’Oreal are created to empower women and help her to gain the ultimate confidence in herself as she takes control of her life. Inspired by the runway colours and the fantasy side of life, L’Oreal hair colour has the power to transform any individual into the Queen of her very own Kingdom. So if you are looking to invest in a new look, start with L’Oreal.

L’Oreal top hair color products that you will ever need

No matter which style you are going for, L’Oreal guarantees that you will be able to unfold the secrets to that look with the right tone of hair colour. Discover your perfect shade from L’Oreal vibrant collections as bellow:

  • Excellence Crème: If you want to simultaneously cover your grey hair and turn the original colour into something rich and vibrant, the Excellent Crème series is the number choice.
  • Superior Preference: The pride of L’Oreal – offering radiant and long lasting colour since 1973. This product is widely used in many hair saloons all around the world. Women love it for the extra shining effect on her hair after dying.
  • Feria: The special hair colouring solution for the true ‘wonder woman’ who always challenge herself and push all the limits. This multi-faceted shimmering will give your hair the silky look and feel that resembles Rapunzel perfectly.

How to choose the right tone for your hair?

There is actually no boundary when it comes to choosing your hair colour. Although it is only natural to avoid bright colours on dark skin and so on, as long as you style it right, you can make the most of any colour. However, it is always good to note the golden rule in choosing the perfect colour for your hair, which is to make sure that it will match with your skin tone.

You have to figure out what is your natural skin tone before deciding on the colour of your hair. Simply hold your wrist out and facing up under the sun, if you see the greenish tone of the blood vessel then your skin is classified as warm tone; and bluish tint vessel says that you have cool skin tone.

  • For cool skin tone: choose lighter shade of colours, warm colours like orangish red, golden blonde, honey almond brown and chocolate brunette will suit you best.
  • For warm skin tone: choose the darker shade like brown, or basically most of the cool colours like beige, champagne blonde, dark red and violet.

To make sure that you choose the perfect match for your hair colour, it is always ideal to seek for professional consultant from an actual hair stylish. Then, you can be confident to shop for that exact hair colour product online and do it yourself at home instead of spending a fortune at the saloon.