The name Longines needs no long introduction, as the brand is globally the most well known watchmaker. Longines (pronounced as LAW zheen with the zh sound as the ‘S’ sound in ‘vision’) is prized for its elegant and fine Swiss-made timepieces. Longines has been making these fine wrist watches since 1832 for men and women, look at our iprice store gallery and pick your very own piece of Swiss watch.


The original beauty of watches

Reviewed as the best timepiece manufacturer, the Longines has created the watch heritage and is recognized as the pioneer in the industry of so many Swiss watch brands. Longines watches not only have the elegant and luxurious look, the timepieces are also made to be use for a lifetime and to be pass on the next generation.

The brand was founded by Auguste Agassiz in Switzerland when he thought of assembling all his watchmakers to make watches under one roof. Back then watches were made ala comptoir d’établissage whereby parts of a watch are separately made at individual homes, sent for assembly and then sold off. At that time, orders from the US were pouring in so Agassiz wanted to speed up the production to this new international market by gathering all the watchmakers. Hence the formation of the company, all under one roof.

In 1867, Agassiz’s nephew Ernest Francillon come along to help with the business expenditure and in the same year the first official factory was founded and named Longines after the local dialect that means long meadows. Francillon also registered the brand’s iconic winged hourglass logo as the factory’s trademark logo. Up until now, this winged hourglass logo is still engraved on all watches made by Longines. FYI Longines is the oldest brand name registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the brand that is unchanged since its registration since 1893.

Watchmaking Tradition, Sport, Heritage and Elegance

Longines watches are made based on its main principle of timeless elegance and its collection can be categorized into four types namely Watchmaking Tradition, Sport, Heritage and Elegance.

Watchmaking Tradition – This collection of mechanical watches are designed based on Longines’ deep-rooted Swiss watchmaking technology and style appealing to true watch lovers and collectors.

Sport – Performance and results are the main elements for sports, Longines sports watch collection are designed to enrich the wearer and to help these high performers to excel in their respected profession in sports. Longines has also built unique ties with various sports since its establishment.

Heritage – This collection of watches utilizes the brand’s Swiss traditional and modern watch making expertise to create timepieces that uphold the brand’s esthetics and quality.

Elegance – Longines watches are deemed timeless and classy, although simple in design, the brand’s watches still exude strong charms and luxury. Wearers of Longines wristwatches can always stride into any high-class occasion with pride and impress the crowd with its elegant looks.

Emblematic stars that exude Longines’ elegance

Listed here are among a few of Longines ambassadors that excel in their field of profession and always exude exceptional elegant qualities:

Simon Baker, known for his portrayal of psychic Peter Jane in the award winning TV series, The Mentalist joined the list of Longines ambassador in 2012. The Golden Globe and Emmy nominated Australian actor perfectly personifies the brand’s “Elegence is an attitude” slogan with his outstanding achievement as an actor and producer.

Having won the Miss World in 1994, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a woman with exceptional beauty and poise. She ventured into the Bollywood scene and has since starred in many big films. Her lead role in India’s most ambitious movie Devdas in 2012 was the gig that got her international fame. Aishwarya has been Longines ambassador for 10 years.

Retired from the sports scene of tennis having won 60 singles titles, world-class tennis player Andre Agassi is an ambassador of Longines since 2007. Agassi is the ambassador of the Longines Master Collection, which embodies his passionate personality. The tennis player with a career of 21 years is now busy with his own charitycalled The Andre Agassi Foundation that helps underprivileged youths in Las Vegas to get better education.

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