From the creators of Le Pliage, Longchamp brings you a wider selection of their iconic tote bags with more choices on size, color, and style. Check out the best Longchamp tote bags in Malaysia or read more reasons why you need a Longchamp tote bag in your life.


What Makes the Longchamp Tote Bag So Iconic

If you are looking for a good quality bag that can get you through the day, a Longchamp tote would be something you should have. With their iconic models such as the Le Pliage, a Longchamp tote is a fashionable and functional bag that can go from sun-up to sun-down. It has tons of great features that many modern women will surely enjoy. Below are reasons why you should own a Longchamp tote bag.

Wide Range of Sizes

From small, medium, large, and extra large, Longchamp totes would be a great addition to your everyday life. For women who have to carry a lot of things during work, school or any other activities, a large or extra large Longchamp tote bag would come a long way. With its wide opening and large compartment, you can fit everything you need without carrying another bag!

An All-Weather Bag

Perhaps one of the best reasons to get a Longchamp bag is that you can take it anywhere you go. Whether rain or shine, your bag would keep your things safe and dry thanks to its waterproof nylon-blend fabric. In terms of style, you can rock a Longchamp tote for all seasons whether it's in the summer or in the fall or winter.

Easy to Carry

Aside from its all-weather properties and an excellent selection of sizes, a Longchamp tote is also easy to carry. Totes have two straps at the top that's long enough to be carried by hand or on your shoulders. It can also be carried similar to a handbag on your elbows. Because it is easy to carry, Longchamp bags are great if you carry a lot of stuff on a daily basis.

Vast Selection of Colors and Designs

More importantly, what makes Longchamp totes so iconic and sought after is their exciting selection of colors and designs. Depending on your mood, you can choose from a great variety of colors from bright colors to jewel-toned. Aside from the brand's iconic Le Pliage, Longchamp also has other tote bags to choose from. Below are other Longchamp totes that you should check out if you loved the Le Pliage:

  • Longchamp Honoré - Embodying the streamlined spirit, the Honoré has a minimalist design, roomy interior, and is lightweight. The Honoré is named after the historic Longchamp store situated in the heart of Paris.
  • Longchamp Roseau - Like any Longchamp tote, the Roseau has an ideal size and roomy interior which makes it a great everyday bag. Its design is the combination of sophistication and simplicity.
  • Longchamp Pénélope - Deriving inspiration from graphic and sports chic style, the Pénélope features geometric cuts that exude in feminine and contemporary design.
  • Longchamp Paris Premier - A timeless classic from Longchamp, the Paris Premier keeps you organized thanks to its gussets which can be stretched to a greater volume.
  • Longchamp Le Foulonné - Created in 1975, the Le Foulonné takes pride in strength and durability. With its long and streamlined handles and large interior, this Longchamp tote bag is a perfect everyday go-to.

If you are looking for a great bag, choose Longchamp and their exciting array of backpacks, handbags, sling bags, and a whole lot more. Check out the best Longchamp totes at iPrice Malaysia!