Longchamp has been a preferred brand by many women primarily because of their exciting collection of handbags. Iconic, fashionable, and functional, you can't say 'no' to Longchamp handbags. Check out the best Longchamp bags in Malaysia or read more about the many types of handbags that you can get from the brand.

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Different Types of Longchamp Handbags in Malaysia

When it comes to handbags, there's no other brand better than Longchamp. Considered as a luxury brand but with a more flexible price range, Longchamp handbags has always been preferred by many women. Their line of handbags is known for their durability, large interior, and great for all seasons. Moreover, Longchamp handbags are also well-known arm candies for celebrities such as supermodel and actress Jessica Alba, Rachel McAdams, Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron, Jamie Chung, and Diane Kruger has all been seen wearing Longchamp handbags. Good quality, functional, and worn by many celebrities, you can't ask for anything better than a Longchamp handbag.

In contrast to popular belief, the term 'handbag' not only describes a type of bag but rather a family of bags to choose from. Below are types of handbags that you can grab from Longchamp Malaysia.

Tote Bag

Perhaps one of the brand's most iconic set of bags, a tote bag is a type of medium to large handbag with two straps forming an upside-down "U" on each side. These straps are used to carry the bag with your hand or your shoulders. Longchamp has a great selection of tote bags including their most iconic collection - the Le Pliage. The Le Pliage draws inspiration from origami and its foldable and simple nature. Like the Japanese craft, the tote bag is foldable and features a great selection of designs. In addition, the Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag is also waterproof and can virtually accompany you wherever you may go.

Clutch Bag

Perhaps the smallest type of handbag, a clutch bag is a small handbag that can only be carried by hand. This type of bag is ideal for parties, events, and galas thanks to its small size. From their collection, Longchamp has quite the selection of clutch bags to choose from. The Le Pliage Neo Vibration, Longchamp 2.0, Longchamp 3D, and a whole lot more feature clutch bags that you would surely love.

Cross-body bag

A cross-body bag or otherwise known as 'sling bag' is a type of handbag that features a long strap connected on the side that goes around your body. Cross-body bags range from small to medium-sized and are a great everyday bag for students and office workers. From their existing collection such as the Roseau Croco, Le Pliage Cuir, Le Pliage Cuir Étoiles, Le Pliage Héritage, and a whole lot more, you can get a wide variety of Longchamp cross-body bags with different designs to choose from.


The combination of a tote bag and a cross-body bag, a satchel is a medium-to-large handbag that has all the features of a classic tote bag but with a long strap on the side like a cross-body bag. The Le Pliage also has variations of a satchel as well as other Longchamp collections such as the Le Pliage Cuir, Quadri, and Honore.

Longchamp handbags are a great addition to any fashionista's closet. Check out the best Longchamp handbags in Malaysia!