You may think that wearing natural ingredients grown in the beautiful hills and fields of France is impossible. You can actually do so with the products from L’Occitane Malaysia. They offer an array of lotions, soaps, body butter, and more. To find out more about L’Occitane Malaysia, read the article by below.


Everything You Need to Know About L’Occitane Malaysia

L’Occitane en Provence, or simply L’Occitane, promotes natural beauty through its organic natural products derived from the fields of Provence and beyond. Ever since its conception in the ’70s, the products from L’Occitane have entered numerous favourite lists and would often become the top entry the said list.

L’Occitane has released numerous collections, each collection features a single ingredient as its main element. Among them are almond, cherry blossom, lavender, and shea butter.

Almond Collection

First, the almonds from Provence that blossoms between February and March are known for its moisturizing and softening properties. The best-selling items are the Almond L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, Almond Milk Concentrate, and Almond Velvet Serum.

Cherry Blossom Collection

Next, the cherry blossom, found in the Apt region, especially in Luberon. The French cherry blossom constantly changes colour: soft green in autumn, bright red in summer, and pure white in spring. Top selling products from this collection are the Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, Cherry Blossom Cerisier Pastel Hand Cream, and Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel.

Lavender Collection

The products from the lavender collection are perhaps what L’Occitane is most known for. Besides, Provence is the centre of good quality lavender. This bluish-purple flower is known to promote calmness and relaxation. Lavender oil also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and could also repel mosquitos naturally. The organic-certified Lavender Shower Gel, Lavender Foaming Bath, and Lavender Moisturizing Hand Lotion are just some of the best-selling products from this collection.

Shea Butter Collection

L’Occitane’s founder, Olivier Baussan, travelled far and wide to find the perfect ingredients for his skincare and body care products. It wasn’t until he reached the African country of Burkina Faso that he discovered the magical properties of shea butter. The women in Burkina Faso have long used shea butter t moisturize their hair and skin. L’Occitane hand cream made from shea butter and the Shea Butter Foaming Cleanser is the top two products that utilize the power of shea butter.

Maintain A Healthy Complexion with L’Occitane Malaysia

From radiant face to smooth skin and hands, L’Occitane has the products to solve all your skin problems. For its skincare, you can find products specifically made to solve and complement your skin type. Use their moisturizing products like the Shea Light Conforming Cream and Shea Foaming Cleanser for dry skin. Those who begin to notice signs of ageing can opt for the Precious Cream or Immortelle Precious Serum to prevent any more symptoms. L’Occitane also offers skincare products for men, along with men’s perfume, body care, and hair care.

To complement your perfect complexion, use L’Occitane hair care products to also take care of those luscious locks. The L’Occitane shampoos can help repair damaged strands, strengthen hair and prevent breakage, revitalize limp hair, protect coloured hair, and eliminate dandruff and protect the scalp.