With a wide variety of styles and designs of TV cabinets to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. Here are a couple of things to consider when buying the best TV cabinet for your home in Malaysia.

What is the best natural wood for TV cabinets? | How tall should your TV stand be? | The top TV cabinets in Malaysia


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Choosing The Best TV Cabinet For Your Home.

The centre of every living room in Malaysia is the TV. TV cabinets provide extra storage for electrical devices or decorations but more importantly a support base for the TV itself. The right style and design of the cabinet are mandatory for a cohesive and pleasant room.

In order to identify the correct style and material for the cabinet, one must first identify the style of the room that they wish to have. The colours and styles of other furniture and the style of the room itself must be taken into consideration before buying the cabinet.

What is the best natural wood for TV cabinets?

TV cabinets may sometimes be made from repurposed materials and often made with real wood. Selecting the right wood for your TV cabinet put you in a dilemma. Here is a guide to help you decide on the best colour for your TV cabinet.

Birchwood is durable and the grain attractive. It does not nick easily which makes the wood easier o work with and is an affordable material for building furniture. The wood is honey-coloured or light brown making it the perfect addition to a contemporary living room.

Oakwood is pricier and is amongst the oldest materials to be used for making furniture. The colour varies from very light to dark enabling oakwood furnishing to fit in with any style of rooms.

Hickory; If you are looking for a TV stand for your country-style or cottage-style room, a hickory wood TV cabinet would look great. The long-grained would is softer in colour and is very strong making hickory cabinets one of the sturdiest.

How tall should your TV stand be?

The recommended height for TV cabinets and stands are 42 inches for more comfortable viewing without craning your neck. However, the height of the sofa or chairs in the room or any furniture that you use to seat yourself to watch the TV on also is important in determining the right height for the TV stand. One thing to keep in mind is that the centre of the TV should not be above eye level.

The size of the TV must also compliment the TV cabinet. The size of the cabinet must be the size or larger than the TV screen.

The top TV cabinets in Malaysia

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