A foldable table, also known as a folding table, is a type of portable furniture that is noted for having a foldable feature. The furniture has several features that make them a great addition to your home, both as outdoor and indoor furniture. Read on to know more about foldable tables below.

Can Foldable Tables be Desks? | What is the Best Foldable Table? | What Sizes are Foldable Tables?

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Foldable Table - Features and FAQs

Foldable tables are generally used as outdoor furniture but many people in Malaysia nowadays are using them as indoor furniture because the designs for the tables are constantly being improved. Many foldable tables on sale in Malaysia have a more modern and minimalist look, making them a perfect alternative to traditional study desks.

Features and Materials

A key feature of foldable tables is that they are generally portable and easy to store. Due to the folding feature of the furniture, it's easy to collapse them and store them away when you're not using them or when you want to move them around. The tables in the folded form are also significantly smaller than the average table so you don't have to worry about taking up too much space when storing them away.

The tables can be made from different materials but steel and plastic are the most common material used to make foldable tables in Malaysia. This is because the furniture needs to be light enough to remain portable but it still needs to be sturdy to retain its structure and hold up all the contents on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a foldable table as a desk?

Most households in Malaysia use foldable tables as desks because they're a cheaper alternative than a regular table but they have the same functions. Foldable tables are also more portable in comparison to traditional desks so it's easier to move them around when necessary.

What is the best foldable table?

Choosing the best foldable table for yourself will depend on a few things, namely the purpose and the size. The material of the tables should also be considered because if you want to use the furniture to place heavier objects, it should be made of a sturdier material to ensure that it can hold up your items.

What size are foldable tables?

Foldable tables come in many different sizes but the most common size in Malaysia is a banquet table size which is about L120cm x W60cm x H76cm.