A staple in every home, sofas are a comfortable set of furniture that's mainly used for seating. Placed in the living room or any available space, sofas add warmth and coziness to your home. Check out the hottest sofas in Malaysia or read more about the many types of sofas below.


13 Different Types of Sofas

Otherwise known as couches, sofas are a type of furniture made for sitting. With or without arm-rests, sofas can be fully or partially upholstered with spring and foams. Couches are mostly found in living rooms and family rooms where people can gather and relax while enjoying each other's company. Compared to a traditional chair, a couch can seat as many as 2 or more people comfortably at once. Sofas also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Here are 17 different kinds of sofas that you should know about:

Sectional sofa

Also called a multi-piece sofa, a sectional sofa comes in 3 to 5 pieces that can be arranged in a number of ways; the more sections, the more arrangements that can be done. There are two types of sectional sofas: (1) the U-shaped, and (2) the L-shaped

Chesterfield sofa

A chesterfield sofa is known for its signature "tuft" or "quilted" style. Chesterfield sofas can have its tufted design on the arm rests at the back or both.

Settee sofa

Picture a wide kitchen chair, that's a settee sofa. Historically, this type of couch is narrower than a love seat but later evolve with a wide selection of designs and bigger dimensions.

Divan sofa

To put it simply, a divan sofa is a sofa without a back. Because of is design, it is imperative that you place it against a wall.

Loveseat sofa

Describing a huge variety of sofas that can fit only two people, loveseat sofas tend to be smaller in size but can be placed anywhere because of its small dimensions.

Bunkbed sleeper

Thanks to modern day design, a sofa can now be doubled as a bunk bed for kids. Great for cabins and tiny homes, a bunk bed sleeper is a compact solution to a slumber party.


Compared to other types of sofas, a daybed has extended seats. If you are planning to create a lounge area, a daybed sofa would certainly be a great choice.


The combination of a bed and a sofa, a futon's back can be folded flat to create a cushioned surface to sleep on. It is is a functional piece of furniture perfect for small apartments and tiny homes.

Pull-out sofa bed

Instead of folding the back like a futon, a pull-out sofa bed allows you to haul out and store the bed using specially made frames.

Chaise lounge

With or without arm-rests, chaise lounge chairs are perhaps one of the most popular types of sofas. Often with an asymmetrical back, the chaise lounge is a choice sofa for master bedrooms and patios.

Cabriole sofa

A cariole sofa is a type of sofa with the back and the arm-rests at equal heights. You can also see cabrioles with inward-curving arm rests.

Camel back sofa

Instead of having a straight back, this type of sofa has an arch with the highest point in the middle which continues to the arm rests.

English sofa

Known for their signature outward-rolled arm-rests, the English sofa is a classic type of couch that you can find anywhere.

Sofas can be one or a combination of two or more of these types. Depending on your taste and the amount of space, you can choose from a wide selection of sofas in Malaysia. Check out the hottest furniture at iPrice!