Specialty lights in Malaysia come in different forms and functions. If you are not sure how to install your light fixtures, here are some tips to keep in mind. You can also check out the latest specialty lights below.

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Tips on How to Arrange Specialty Lights in Malaysia

Once you buy your specialty lights, how should you arrange them? Planning your lighting ahead of time can save you a headache later. The key factor to every great lighting layout is even and consistent spacing. Below are some of the tips on how to arrange the most common specialty lights.

Ceiling Mount

If you are not sure where to install a ceiling or surface mounted specialty light, just consider a ceiling height of less than eight feet. Hallways, closets, laundry rooms, and bathrooms are all examples of rooms that have limited space and typically low ceilings. For higher ceilings of eight to ten feet, the slight dangle of semi-flush lights become an option.

If you want a good ceiling mount, Xcellent Global Malaysia has a range of quality flush lights that you can stick on everywhere.

Recessed Lights

To evenly light a room, place your first recessed specialty lights in the center of a room and evenly space out your lights from that point. If you need more light in a specific place, install your first light there; then evenly space the other lights around it. The spacing between each light fixture is your ceiling height simply divided in half. For example, with a standard 8-foot ceiling, your lights should be 4 feet away from each other. To avoid harsh shadows that make your ceiling seem lower, keep your lights about 3 feet from any wall as well. In your kitchen, set your recessed fixtures 18 to 22 inches from your cabinets to avoid unwanted shadows.

Wall Sconces

When using wall sconces to provide general lighting in a hallway or dining room, you should space them 4 to 6 feet apart and no less than five feet from the floor. Basically, wall sconces should always be placed above shoulder height and spaced evenly. Along a staircase, they are usually placed at least three steps apart. Keep in mind the spacing can change if you have tall walls or your sconces need to be on the same level with your wall art.

In your bathroom, hang wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror at or very close to eye level. That way your face gets even lighting, eliminating unattractive shadows. A good rule of thumb is to install them between 65 to 70 inches from the floor.

Track lighting

Whether it’s a regular track light or a variant that highlights your wall art, tilt your track lights about 30 degrees, using the vertical from floor to ceiling as your zero-degree starting point. This prevents light from shining in anyone’s eyes and avoids distracting reflections on your masterpieces. Usually, you only need one fixture for each object being lit.

After you position your fixtures at the correct angle, you can determine how far your specialty lights should be from your objects. Then, measure the distance from the ceiling to the center of the object.

For non-textured surfaces and walls, you can use a technique called wall washing with your track lights. Mount the track 2 to 3 feet from the wall as long as your ceiling is nine feet or less. Ceilings between 9 and 11 feet high need to have the track light mounted 3 to 4 feet from the wall. Space the fixtures the same distance apart as the track is from the wall to evenly spread out the light.