Why stop reading after the sun sets? For all avid readers out there, book lights can help you read in the dark. Read here to know what factors to observe when getting a book light.


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What to Consider When Buying Book Lights in Malaysia

If you love reading throughout the day (and night), you need sufficient lighting to avoid straining your eyes. With book lights, you can read traditional paper books at any time of day. Studies have shown that the blue lights produced by the screens of eBook readers or smartphones can have detrimental effects on your sleeping pattern. So, not only using a book reading light will help you read in the dark but it also can prevent any medical discomfort.

There are a few things to be considered before purchasing a book light. A proper reading light will be suitable for all kinds of books and have a long-lasting shelf life. The five factors below might help you decide which book light is perfect for you.

Light Quality

Book reading lights use two kinds of light bulbs: incandescent and LED. The former is harder to replace as it uses older technology and needs to be replaced when expired. It emits light with yellowish hues that will not give you a clear view of the texts in your book. LED book lights, however, can be chargeable through USB ports, uses less battery power, and emit a brighter light. Most reading lights today uses LED instead of incandescent because of its convenience and power.

Light Output

Small and medium-sized books can be lit by a compact LED or incandescent light. You can get a clip-on book light for these books and you will get sufficient lighting. Although, when reading a big dictionary or a stand filled with music sheets, clip on lights can be used but you need to consider the placement of it. Tiny clip on lights can’t be used for larger books as it won’t provide good lighting required for a proper reading session. If you can’t find a big enough reading light, an alternative is to procure multiple reading lights and attach them to the top of the book or the stand.


For those who like to read when traveling, your book light needs to be sturdy enough to withstand movements. When packing your travel bags, your book light needs to be flexible and strong in order to fit in between other items. Consider on getting a pocket-sized, portable reading light for this situation. Other than clip on lights, there are other styles of book lights available on the market today that's more durable. For instance, the neck book light can be hung around the neck to suit body movements.

Battery Use

Always check the battery requirement of any book lights you’re planning to get. The two most common batteries used for book lights are AAA and lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are small and light but it can be hard to find in your local electrical supply shop. AAA batteries, on the other hand, are easier to find and they are extremely convenient when you’re traveling.


Reading lights are supposed to give you or your loved ones privacy when you’re reading at night. The best book lights out there have enough light to illuminate your books clearly without disturbing anyone near you. You don’t want to disturb your sleeping partner with bright, blinding light and book lights allows you and your partner to enjoy reading and sleeping respectively.

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