A lampshade’s purpose is to protect the eye from the bulb’s glare and direct light from the bulb in the lamp into the room. You’ll find a huge array of patterns, styles, and colours from pendants to floor lamps.


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5 Ways to Refurbish a Lampshade

Have you recently picked up a lampshade at a thrift store or online and it just isn’t your style or in the best condition? If so, transform the lampshade into something new with items you have in your home or you can find at your local craft stores such as fabric, paint, buttons, and ribbons.

Cover with Fabric

Are you looking to decorate a lampshade to better match a room’s decor? Pick out a yard of fabric in your choice of colour and/or design at a local craft store. If you’re on a tight budget, rummage through your craft supplies to find scrap pieces of fabric you can use to decorate your lampshade. Don’t forget to spray adhesive. You’ll need it to attach the fabric to the shade.

Spray Way

Lampshade makeovers don’t get any simpler than this spray-paint hack. Use painters tape to mark off any pattern that you want on the lampshade, wrapping the tape ends around the top and bottom edges. In a well-ventilated area, use a wide, sweeping motion to spray-paint the shade. Paint until desired coverage is achieved. Let dry and peel off the tape, use a gold paint pen to glam up the edges!

Thread and Needle

Embroidery floss is made for more than just friendship bracelets. Use it to dress up everyday items around the house! Find a plain lampshade and use floss and a needle to make trendy geometric patterns. Make sure all tied ends stay on the inside of the lampshade.

Button Up

Lost, loose, or purchased from a fabric store - your button collection can finally be put to use! Hot-glue buttons of various shapes, sizes, and finishes to a lampshade. Start along the bottom edge, then gradually work your way up, you can tailor button colours to match your decor.

To Dye For

Dyeing lampshades are an inexpensive way to add a custom touch to your home decor. Use fabric dye to add colour to basic accessories easily and quickly. For a dip-dyed lampshade, mix powdered dye in a large container. Dip all but a few inches of the shade in the mix, holding for three to four minutes. Lift out a few inches of the shade, the dip again to create a darker hue. Repeat to create a gradually darker hue.